Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mister Winter

Please go away. It was 90 degrees yesterday and today it was rainy and snowy in the mountains. I am not ready for you yet. You have to give Fall a fighting chance.

Josh and Josh are picking up our new mini ramp. Josh is so very excited to have his very own mini ramp. He is cute. I'm glad he enjoys skateboarding so much. I always wanted a cute skater boyfriend when I was younger and now I'm married to not only a skater but a snowboarder.
Well E! isn't providing me with enough entertainment. So I dec
ided to make a list of things.

Things I'm excited for:
-Michelle and Mom will be here in 2 days! We are going to Conference.
- Dad will be here a few days after they arrive.
Brand New, I Love them.
-Muse, Brand New, AFI & Paramore came out with new albums this month. My ears are so happy!

- The Hills & The City started this week
- Glee is seriously so awesome!
- Target has tons of cute Halloween decorations which I am tempted to pick up.
- I get to wear Fall clothes soon.

So many fun things!

Not so fun thing:
- Our garage door stopped working again. It won't move. It has been fighting us for the past 2 months to open. I always feel dumb pressing and pressing the button to make it go up. It goes and inch then stops. I press the button again it goes down, then press again and goes up. I feel like it is protesting against having our cars parked in it.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Labor Day with Blink-182

Labor Day 2009 was certainly one for the record books. We had the day off, our friends Mannie and Jessica were in town, and the Blink-182 concert was that night. Well the day started out, shall we say, poorly. I woke up to discover our basement had flooded. But that whole situation deserves its own post so stay tuned for that. Let’s get to the important stuff—the Blink-182 concert.

Natalie and I have a short list of bands we have to see before we die (or reach our 40’s). Blink-182 was at the top of that list. I’ve been a fan of Blink-182 since junior high. I bought Dude Ranch and listened to that album non-stop for the next five years. Then just when I thought I knew all there was to know about the power-pop punk trio from Poway, California, they released their self-titled album in 2004. That album blew me away. Every song was amazingly good. Well shortly after the 2004 album was released the band broke up. Tom went on to form Angels and Airwaves. Mark got together with +44. And Travis did a lot of stuff. Natalie and I were pretty bummed.

[Picture of us between sets. We look like the nerd brigade I know.]

Then back in April, Natalie got wind that the band was getting back together and planning to tour. A quick Google search confirmed the rumor and a few weeks later tour dates were released. Salt Lake City was on the list. We bought tickets the night they went on sale. Fast forward to Labor Day and we were standing on the floor in the McKay center with the lights down, a huge curtain obscuring the stage and thousands of sweaty teens (also another post coming about the sweaty teens) screaming at the top of their lungs. Well the curtain dropped and the lights shot on and there they were—Tom, Mark, and Travis playing on a stage right in front of us.

[The light board behind the band was pretty awesome. This is from the first song of the set.]

[Rock fingers indeed.]

[Natalie in front of the Taking Back Sunday backdrop. They were good. But we've seen them four times now.]

It was spectacular. The set was long, the songs were all my favorites, (with the exception of one omission. No “Adam’s Song”? Really??) and the encore was epic. Now Travis Barker is one amazing drummer. He is also extremely entertaining to watch as he plays the drums. So to start the encore, Travis performed a drum solo—floating above the crowd. That’s right. It was a flying, spinning, tilting, awe-inspiring drum solo that lasted for nearly five minutes. That put the cap on the entire experience. I remember thinking to myself “Ok. I’ve now seen a flying drum solo. I can leave this world in peace.”

[This is an image from some stock photo Web site.]

[This is what it looked like in real life. It was radical!]

Everything about the show was great. The set list was well thought out. The songs were played well (except when Tom started playing the wrong intro during “Going away to College” but hey nobodies perfect). It was a great evening. Sure the sound and lighting techs for the McKay were terrible during the first two bands (the first band actually walked off the stage in the middle of their set because the lighting tech turned off the lights and couldn’t get them back on). But by the time Blink took the stage the technical difficulties were all sorted out. It was a good way to end what could have been an otherwise tragic day. Next bands on the list are as follows: Foo Fighters, AFI, Weezer, and Brigheyes. And, oh yes, there are others.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Toss the fris man

I have a lot of hobbies. There’s stuff that I just like to do, can’t help it. Doing stuff isn’t the issue. The cost of doing stuff is, however. I had a paintball addiction for awhile and believe me paintball is not a cheap sport. The guns cost a lot of money, the clothes cost a lot of money, the paint costs a lot of money. I would burn through $80 of paint in one night of playing easy. So I quit. Too expensive. And I moved on to mountain biking. Expensive to get started but cheap to maintain the habit. All good. Well Natalie and I have been trying to figure out something we can do together besides snowboarding. Golf has come up a few times and we think it would be a fun sport to learn. But given my addictive proclivities, I can see myself getting totally obsessed with golf and blowing a lot of cash. So we have been reluctant to pursue a golfing habit. Last weekend we found a compromise. Cody and Beth invited us to go play Frisbee golf. Now I’ve been familiar with Frisbee golf for some time. To me it sounded like a sport for hippees and burn-outs, and it is. But those hippees and burn-outs sure do know how to have a good time.

We went to a course above the University of Utah and played nine holes. It was a blast. For the unfamiliar, Frisbee golf is exactly what it sounds like. Golf with a Frisbee. The holes are actually posts with chain baskets that you try to toss your Frisbee in. Cody and Beth gave us a lesson on how to properly throw the Frisbees and how to best approach each hole. By the third or fourth hole, Natalie and I were getting the hang of it. At the end Cody and Beth gave us each a driver and a putter disc and we are planning to go again soon. I’m trying to find a course near Bountiful. Frisbee golf is perfect for us, it’s cheap, near-by, fun, and it’s outside. So this is a hobby that we can get behind.

Grandma Bee

Berniece Ruth Koonce September 28, 1924 - September 6, 2009

Grandma Bee passed away from pancreatic cancer on sunday morning, Sept 6th. Its still weird to say that she has passed away. I am happy though because she gets to be with Pa and is pain and health complication free. I knew this day would come, but it was still a shock. I was very close with my grandparents and when you are growing up its hard
to picture everyday life without them. They were my second set parents. They loved us so much. I was very blessed to have such a great grandma.

The funeral was beautiful. It was at Glen Abby in the Rose Chapel. It was very peaceful and uplifting. All of the family participated in the service. We all got up and talked about our most favorite memories of her. It was really cool. These were some of the things I talked about:

- Grandma Bee loved cards. She spent hours with me playing cards. She loved poker and was great at it.
- I loved eating lunch at their place. I always made a turkey sandwich with real meat from the deli. She always made sure I had tons of avocado and I had cheese in my sandwich. We would then watch Perry Mason in the living room.
- She loved to bowl. Michelle and I would go to the bowling alley with them on Fridays when we were out of school and Grandma Bee and Pa were watching us. They bowled with the Elks Lodge league. Michelle and I later joined a league and they bought us balls and shoes which we both still use.
- Eating out was something we were spoiled with. They used to take our family out for dinner quite a bit. I was always prompted/allowed to order a Shirley Temple which is still one of my favorite drinks. One thing we always waited for w
as for her to complain about the food . . . it was never quite right. Sometimes is was embarrassing, but mostly comical. Those poor servers. She had to have water with no ice and black coffee (and not the Starbucks kind as she would say).
- I think I developed my clothing obsession from my grandparents spoiling me. They would go to the Navy Base and buy bags full of clothes for me and Michelle. I would get so excited when I saw them at the door with all of the new pretty clothes. I was probably only 2 or 3. We would have fashion shows and Grandma Bee would laugh and smile.
- She was a proud Emblem Club member. She rec
ently got her 40 year pin and was very proud to show me.
- She was a jewelry queen. She always wore beautiful jewelry. She was amazing at matching and always looked so pretty. She taught me too always look my best in public and I thank her for that.

Wyricks and the Koonces after the funeral.

This picture was taken the last time I was able to spend with her. It was my birthday and it was the best present to get to see her one last time. I will miss my grandma very much, but I know she is with Heavenly Father. It is part of the plan. We come here to earth to experience the joys and trials of life and then we go to heaven to do greater things. I am very blessed to have had such a wonderful grandma and friend.

Monday, September 14, 2009

My Super Sweet 24th

For my Super Sweet 24 I decided I wanted to have a beach party. It is tradition in august to have our annual b-day party to celebrate my dads, pa (when he was alive) and my birthday at my parents house. I wanted a change so we all decided a beach bonfire bbq would be awesome.
Josh and my Mom playing Smash Ball. I thought this was a good action shot.  Michelle kept score when Josh and I were playing and I did terribly. 

Michelle being a good sport about being at the beach. Shes not the biggest beach fun. But since the umbrella and chair were brought she was happy.

  Fisher on the body board. He was having such a fun time and totally rocked at it!

Tyler was loving the sand and was really good at making sand castles. He is so cute!

Josh and I at sunset. The water was gross . . . too much kelp! I'm never nervous in the water until I have kelp slithering around my body. It's creepy!
My mom, baby Alex and Michelle. Alex also loved the sand like his big brother Tyler. 

Blowing out my candles. We had Costco cupcakes and they were so good! 

Fisher was turning 5 in two days so he had a turn also!

Wes, Nichole and Jude came too. Its always fun to spend time with them.

Matt, Carrie, Fisher and Tyler. Alex was taking a nap. It was so fun having them at the party too! I'm so glad they live in California. 

It was a perfect day at the beach. It was 9990  something when we left Chula Vista and the beach and the water felt so good! The BBQ was really good and the smores. It was a perfect birthday! Oh, and Josh got me a Wii and a Wii Fit. I am having a lot of fun playing and getting fit.  

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

San Diego Zoo

It wouldn't be complete without a trip to the World Famous San Diego Zoo. We went later in the afternoon and it was sooooo hot! The main reason we went was for my Moms 20+ yr annual party for people who have worked at the zoo for that long. My mom retired 2 years ago. So for pretty much my whole life she has worked at the zoo. She worked in the Fundraising Dept. and researched donors. I have spent a lot of time at the zoo and have always loved it! 
Michelle and I posing for a photo on Monkey Trails. I love how lush the zoos plants are . . . its like a tropical rain-forest.

Michelle and a Monkey Mask.

When the party happened we got a special tour of the new elephant exhibit Elephant Odyssey. Timbo was showing off to every one by squirting water. Debbie is the elephant not shown squirting the water. The new exhibit is cool because you can see into the bedrooms which is the photo above and see how the keepers care for the elephants. 

My moms most favorite animal are elephants. 

Monday, September 7, 2009

Wednesday in San Dieg0

We had done the beach and Catalina and now it was time to go to H&M. This store answers all of Josh and I's fashion needs. LOVE it! We got several things and we will not have to go shopping for months now. We then went to Lolitas to get California Burritos. It was hot that day and even though we had been to the beach two times in a row we decided to go again!

I took Josh to PB (pacific beach). It is one of my favorites. 

We thought this was clever. Someone put black tape over the fingers to make a hang ten. We noticed this walking back to the car. 

We also found "Ormond Court." Does this mean we get a beach house for free since they named it in our honor? I think so. 

Catalina Island, CA (part two)

After lunch and the island tour me, Josh and my Dad broke off to do some more exploring. Michelle and my mom did some shopping. 

This is me at the Casino/Theater. It is all Art Deco and awesome. I really love art deco pieces.

There were beautiful mosaics around the entrance to the theater. We didn't get to go inside because it was closed, but it was still really beautiful from the outside. I love the hanging lamps.

I really love the turquoise railing and the palm trees leading from the Casino to the beach. If Josh was on MTV Cribs and this was his backyard he would tell you, "its just so peaceful out here. I love looking at the water while I make up my rhymes." They always say that!

When I have a boat, I will also be naming it Bodacious. There were so many boats with great names. 

The Casino / Theater is behind me. If I was on the cruise it would be a pretty sweet photo op too. 

Josh Hanging on the beach. It was a cute little beach. it would be fun to spend the day there because they have a little restaurant bar thing and they come out and serve you.

I didn't want to go into the water at first because I was sunburned from the previous day. But then It was so hot outside. I wished I had brought my suit. My dad of course went in. He is part fish. 

I couldn't resist not putting my feet in. There are all rocks on the floor so it was a bit tricky. The water was freezing, but would have been worth it for a few minutes. Next time I'm bring my suit and a ring to float in.  

Then we walked back and meet up with my mom and Michelle. We did some shopping and ice cream eating. 

Us on the ferry at the end of the trip. It was such a fun and easy going day. It was nice to spend an entire day outside walking around and enjoying the scenery. By the end of the day I felt like I had a sun overload. 

When we got back to Dana Point we meet up with Matt, Carrie, Fisher, Tyler and Alex for some mexican food at a place called Carlos (i think). It was so nice of them to interrupt their nighttime schedule to come and meet us! Of course I forgot to take photos. We got to eat outside and were serenaded by a guitar player who Michelle was fascinated with. She kept on telling us how cute he was. It was funny. 

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Catalina Island, CA (part one)

Catalina was our favorite part of this trip. We all had a blast here. This was Josh and I's first time . . . well kinda. We came here on our Honeymoon and the Catalina day of our cruise I had food poisoning. So I tried to tough it out but only made it too the docks and then we had to come right back on the ferry to the cruise ship. It was sad. But this time we made it! My mom and Michelle had been there before, for YW camp and my dad had sailed here with some friends a long time ago. We took the ferry from Dana Point to Catalina. It was about an hour long boat ride. We saw some whales and took naps (we had to get up at 6am to meet the ferry).  Its such a beautiful Island. 

The Island is beautiful. Lots of color, ornate little beach houses, fun shops and beautiful scenery. The island was actually owned by the Wringley family (as in the gum) and they sold it to CA. We took a million photos so here you go!
 Me in the middle of the street. Everyone drives Golf Carts. The wait on the Island for a "real" car is 10 years.  We were all starving so we ate at this funny restaurant. I had a great pesto sun dried tomato sandwich.   

After lunch we wanted to tour the island so we rented a golf cart. My Dad drove which meant it was a wild ride. He likes to test cars limits no matter the size. Josh was a co-pilot. 

 I loved this pink victorian hotel.  

 The chaparral is identical to SD. This was the golf course and it reminded me of the Bointa Golf Course in Chula Vista.                                                                                                                              
Us on top of the Island over looking the bay.  It was really hot . . . and bright.

My parents

Michelle and I enjoying the wild ride.