Thursday, August 4, 2011

The BIG Wyrick Move

It's official, my family is in UT for good. 2011 has been a eventful year for my family. My dad retired, my parents sold their Chula Vista home and then bought a home in Kaysville. They managed to pack up their home of 25 years and fit it into 2 pods and a Uhaul truck.

The packing, moving and selling had a lot of highs and lows for my parents, but in the end it all worked out. Talk about a few months of being under tons of stress! It's amazing how things just work out and how blessed my family has been. They love their new house, neighborhood and ward. Everyone has been very friendly and welcoming. The house is really nice too. I think it's about 3x the size of the CV house which they are really enjoying being able to finally spread out!

I have lived away (Idaho and Utah) from my family for 7 years and it is really nice to have them close by. Especially with this baby coming any day! it's so nice to have my family stop by and to go visit them, go out to eat, go swimming, run errands. It's like old times. I love my family and I have really missed not being able to see them as much as I would have liked. 3-4 times a year didn't cut it for us! I am so glad they are here.

One of my favorite parts about the house is the POOL! Its beautiful, warm and wonderful. Lugging around this baby and the weight that comes with being preggo has been a shock to my body, but the pool is the perfect place to have the weight disappear!

Jessie & Trevors BIG day!

Yep, Jessie and Trevor made it official June 18, 2011. It was a beautiful wedding at the Cactus and Tropicals in SLC. Jessie and Trevor are perfect for each other and make a great couple. Their a
nimal babies are really cute too. Polly was a beautiful ring dog. Their kittens were represented through photos. A lot of our friends were there too. It's always fun to get together and laugh. We are lucky to have such awesome friends.

The best part for us (not Jessie) was Jessies dads speech in which he announced that Jessies womb is screaming! The look on Jessies face was priceless. I'm not sure I would have been able to not die right there on the spot of embarrassment. It's not a good wedding unless there is an alcohol influenced speech! She has assured everyone that her womb is not screaming. :)

Congrats to Jessie and Trevor!

It was also really fun having Kate, Dustin and Taylor stay with us. We made it to Burges Waffles for brunch (of course) and then we went to the car show in Bountiful.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Josh Turned 29!

Josh is all grown up! We celebrated like a new 29 yr old and a pregnant 25 yr. old should celebrate. We went to Pats BBQ and ate some ribs. Then we went to the movies and saw a movie. I would tell you what movie we saw, but I can't remember which is embarrassing. This is why I should blog more often.

The next day we went to Joshes 10 yr HS reunion in Pocatello. It was fun to see who he went to HS with. He helped plan the reunion since he was Senior VP. I'm still not over the "semi-formal" attire that really translated into wear-whatever-you-had on that day. Idaho dress standards are really different from what is normal. I thought it was a fun and successful reunion.