Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mad Men


ad Men was fantastic on Sunday. It is such a great show with great characters, stories and costumes. Josh and I are addicted.

Spoiler Alert***
Betty confronts Don about his past. It was great to see him loose his cool and to watch her hold her ground.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Latest Haps

This past week weekend and new week have/will be super busy! This weekend was exceptionally fun.

Friday night, Cassie and Co. invited us to celebrate Cassies birthday at The Cheesecake Factory. I got baja chicken tacos and they were awesome. Josh and I shared the blueberry cheesecake and it was sooo delicious! It was so fun to see Cassie and her family. Cassie and Jared are some of our most favoritest friends because they are fun to be around. I'm so glad they are moving to UT soon.

After dinner we went back home and hung out with Daren and his BYU football friends. Saturday was Game Day and BYU was featured. It was a big day for BYU fans so Daren and his friends came down. We had a lengthily chat about Mad Men and its greatness. If your not watching Mad Men you should stop what your doing and watch it. The story is so intriguing. Life in the early 60's is also fascinating because it is so foreign to me.

Yesterday Josh and I finished up our Halloween Costume search. Our costumes are awesome. The big reveal will be on Halloween. Stay tuned.

We also went to one of our favorite places, IKEA!

We then cleaned and organized the garage or as its now called "The Shred Den". Check out our friend Scott's blog. He posted a video of the shredding from last week in The Shred Den. I am even featured in the video. BTW Josh really needs to post about his mini ramp.

Last night Dustin and Kate came to stay and we all meet up with Cody and Beth and had some tasty sushi at I Heart Sushi. We then watched the movie Objectified. It was awesome up until I feel asleep. I can't watch late movies. The movie made me realize how much I analyze all objects. We all do, but we just don't really think about it.

The Primary Program was today and the kids sang so well. Everyone loved the program.

This week we have several Halloween events. I can't wait. Tomorrow we are attending our block Halloween Party. We have heard all about how our street is the "party street." We shall see if it holds true to these rumors.

On a sad note, this week has been hard on my family. My cousin Tim got a severe head injury last weekend. The back of his skull was hit so hard that it caused his brain to bleed and swell. He has been in an induced coma all week. His heart rate was fluctuating and the swelling wasn't going down so Friday they took a part of his skull out to relieve the pressure to make the swelling would go down. Last I heard the swelling has gone down and he was responding to my aunt by squeezing her hand. I haven't heard any updates today, but they were saying Tim would have brain damage and memory loss. All of this news made me sick to my stomach all week. I felt so sad for Tim. No one should have to go through what he has been going through. Hopefully the damage is minimal and he will have a good quality of life. He is a year older then me so he still has several years of living to do. We just keep praying for a good recovery and comfort.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What is wrong with this WORLD?

Thank you regretsy for making my day. Regretsy kills me! Are there really people out there making all of this crazy weird stuff???

Answer: yes, and they actually make money.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Vaya Con Dios Swayze

September was a rough month for celebrity deaths. Everyone wants to talk about Michael Jackson and his three ring circus (some called it a funeral but I didn’t see a resemblance). No, the celebrity death I was most affected by was Patrick Swayze. I have had a simmering affection for the Swayze and his movies for a long while. Watching Red Dawn for the first time in my pre-teen years was just the shot of testosterone I needed to “grow a pair and fight those commies!” With every macho-laced line, Patrick Swayze taught me that, yes, if Cubans and Russians decided to invade my secluded mountain home I could repel the attack. Sure I may end up paying the ultimate price (and repress any sign of grief or weakness like crying), but in the end the reds would come to fear my little band of guerilla warriors with a ferocious mountain predator for a mascot. Wolverines!!

They are remaking Red Dawn and let me tell you it will suck big time. For two reasons: One, no Russians or Cubans. Who’s going to invade us then Hollywood? Canadians and Fijians? Reason two, no Patrick Swayze. There was talk that Patrick Swayze would play the role of Jed and Matt’s (Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen in the original film) father, which would have been sweet. I could just hear the Swayze bellowing from behind the fence at a drive-in theater turned concentration camp “Boys. Avenge me! Avenge me!!” Reason two is the real reason that it will be a terrible movie. No Swayze equals no good.

That takes us to Point Break. Sure everyone gets all silly about it because Keanu delivers lines like “I am an F B I agent man!” But come on, Patrick Swayze as Bodhi—tell me he wasn’t the baddest dude you’d want to skydive without a parachute with. Come on! The Swayze delivers his lines so convincingly in that movie. Like when he’s talking about the crazy surfers on the break, “They’re just out to get radical; they’ll never understand the spiritual side of it.” Good stuff. As a side note I seem to enjoy movies that Gary Busey dies in, Point Break—shot-gunned in the back. Predator 2—sliced in half by the Frisbee from hell. Surviving the Game—blown up in a cabin fire while locked in a room full of severed heads (it was a good one!) But maybe one of my favorite lines from any Patrick Swayze movie “Vaya Con Dios” “Go with God.” I used to say that all the time, but Natalie made me stop.

I could go on about Swayze movies, Road House, The Outsiders, Ghost, Dirty Dancing (not one of my favorites but Julie and Mandy had that movie memorized or was it mesmerized?). I can even forgive the trucker action movie he made with Travis Trit and Meatloaf, Black Dog. Yes the Swayze will be sorely missed.
For my 25th birthday, Taylor and Dustin gave me a Patrick Swayze shirt with a copy of Road House on DVD. The movie is watched often, the shirt was worn to work the day after he died. It was the least I could do for the former Chip and Dale’s dancer turned swing kick action hero/philosopher/surfer/poltergeist/greaser. In his own words: “Let the pain turn into something else and use it.” “Pain don’t hurt.” “You wanna live forever Johnny?” “Wolverines!!” Just like in the closing scenes of Ghost, Patrick Swayze has gone toward the light and left the world just a little less complete. Sad to see him go, but happy to own copies of what he left behind.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Facebook Photos

Brace yourself, I'm going to rant. Are you braced? Ok here it is . . . Appropriate for the world to see doesn't mean you should post drunken/slutty photos of yourself all over your Facebook page. You know what I'm talking about. The person who is holding an alcoholic beverage in every photo and looks like they are about to fall out of their clothes and topple over. The ones screaming, "I'm single and wayyy fun and I love partying." When the photo really translates to "I'm easy and I have low self-esteem."

I am soooo sick of seeing those photos. Do these people realize how tacky they are being??? They post these photos and I think they are really proud of them. It's not something to be proud of. Your prospective employers / future-you-never-knows are googling you (or will be one day) and are seeing these images. How embarrassing, right? I am so tired of going onto Facebook and seeing these images. It's sad how tackless my generation can be. Or maybe my generation is extremely insecure. Either way, it's no excuse and I don't understand it.

I understand going out with friends and having a good time and posting about it. Maybe it's in a bar, a wedding, a restaurant, a friends house or a party. The posting of any event can be done with class. Leave out the photos where you look like hell and your kissing liquor bottles. Don't air your dirty laundry for the world to see. Your not scoring any cool points.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Great Sites

As you know, I have been on a Wal-Mart hiatus ever since we left Rexburg. I don't enjoy the shopping experience there. When ever I came out of there it felt like Dementors were flying around and sucking the happiness out of me. I am close to being 2 years Wal-Mart free!

A few months ago Josh stumbled upon this site. Its hilarious/disturbing/shocking. People send in photos they have taken of people/things inside and outside of Wal-Mart. If people of doesn't make you stay clear of Wal-Mart I don't know what will.

I love, love , love blogs which focus of creativity. How About Orange is a fantastic resource. Felt has recently been huge in the DIY world. Some of my friends from work and I are getting together in the coming weeks to do some felt projects. How about orange featured this felt pillow that I really want to make.

I also found Lonny Mag through Design Sponge last week. Its a great free online magazine that features a mix of modern and vintage (i know so over done, but I love the atheistic). Plus I found these cute shoes.

Monday, October 5, 2009

SCENE: Carmin Electra leaps into the air and roundhouse kicks Jean-Claude Van Dam in the jaw

Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus. TransMorphers. Snakes on a Train (not making this up). These, my friends, are direct-to-DVD movies. Films written with the express intent of skipping the big screen and landing in a DVD player. They are, by and large, terrible. Although Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus had some hilarious moments, despite itself.

I’ve seen these movies hanging out in the DVD isle at my local Target and they got me thinking. Who writes this stuff? Somebody’s out there right now putting the finishing touches on a script about a man-eating amoeba running amuck in a sorority house. And they’ll get paid for doing it! The real question then isn’t “who’s writing this stuff;” it’s “how do I get on this gravy train?” Seriously, I could come up with an asinine concept and throw it in a script. I wouldn’t even charge much for it.

Hollywood screenwriters are well compensated, like in the tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars for a good script. Even if a direct-to-DVD screenwriter makes a couple grand for a script, that’s good money for an afternoons work.

If any direct-to-DVD producer is looking for fresh, young writing talent to pen his next Carmin Electra action movie, I’m available. And like your leading lady, I’m cheap. Holla at cha boy.

[I can't wait for the sequal! Even More Mega shark vs. Even Gianter Octopus. Starring the girl how played Xena's sister-in-law, and a guy who once bumped into Bruce Willis.]

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Good Book

Yesterday Utah had its first snow storm. Upper elevations (like Brighton and Snowbird) accumulated up to 15 inches over night (Booyaa!). So it's only fitting that Burton's 2010 catalog arrive today. The catalog is a highlight of the fall. This year Burton has really out done itself. It's called the Good Book and it looks exactly like a bible. Right down to the red ribbon place holder and gold metallic pages. It's amazing. We're almost as stoked about the catalog as we are about all the new gear. I want to bring it with me everywhere I go and perform impromptu show and tells. Yes, it's that awesome.

See, look, and behold the glory of the shred shone bright round about us and it was good.