Monday, August 17, 2009

Cats are Trouble

I haven't posted about our angel cats in a while. Here is what they have been up too.

Leisurely afternoon on the back porch.

When I get home I let the cats go out and play. Today Gnarly saw something that she had to get on our walkway. She pounced then flung her paw into the air and then jumped. Then I saw a Bee fly away. Apparently Bees don't like to be pounced on by cute kittens. So today Gnarly got stung by a Bee.We think she got the stinger out because we couldn't find it. Her paw is super swollen though.

Late afternoon lounge time

Yetti being a bad girl. I came upstairs and felt eyes on me. So I turned and looked up and there was Yetti. Taking it easy on the Fridge. The photo was so cute though, so I had to take it and then tell her to get down.

Gnarly in the sink. What cats likes a sink . . . especially a somewhat wet sink? Gnarly does. She likes keep me company in the mornings when I get ready for the day.

I love our Kitties. They provide us with much love and entertainment.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

These aren't the adventures you're looking for

Natalie and I used to watch "Little People, Big World" all the time. I'm not sure if that show is still on the air. For one episode the Roloffs went on a family adventure to Costa Rica I believe. While there, they rode a zip line through the jungle. Ever since then we have wanted to rock a zip line somewhere. Friday evening was my company summer party. As per tradition, the party was held at Snowbird. And guess what was there? A zip line. Our first attempt was defeated by a fast moving rain storm. The storm shut everything down for about half an hour. So we made the best of it and ate our company provided dinner. Dinner was nice, a bit over cooked but whatever it was free. Right after dinner we booked it up to the zip line tower. It was fun. I fought to get my phone out of my pocket to take a quick picture. About halfway down I was able to snap this shot of Natalie loving her first zip line adventure. Granted this was no Roloff Costa Rica adventure through the jungle, but it was cool all the same.Earlier this week I awoke my inner Lego maniac. I used to play with Legos until my fingertips were raw and bleeding. No joke. Lately I have been feeling the urge to buy some Legos and build stuff. While shopping at Target I browsed the Lego aile just to see the goods. A Darth Vader Tie Fighter was sitting on the shelf and the inner 10 year old could be silenced no more. I was so excited when I got home. Natalie was amused. I was in heaven. They didn't have the Star Wars branded Legos when I was growing up and I've always been jealous of new Star Wars fans cause they get to play with Star Wars Legos and I just had to create my own. Here is the result.I know the coolest thing ever right? The set even included a Darth Vader mini-fig (Lego guy to the unfamiliar) complete with cape and lightsaber. I've been geeking out ever since. Now I'm on the hunt for a X-wing with a Luke Skywalker mini-fig. I love me some LEGOS!!

Grandma Bee

Here is a photo of me and Grandma Bee back in my prime in 2004. Grandma Bee has had a really rough year. She has been in and out of the hospital, moved out of her house to a senior care facility, had a heart valve transplant, etc. Last week she went into the ER because my mom said she was acting funny and was extremely jaundice. Each day she got loopier and loopier and she is now in her own world. She had some tests done on Friday and they took a biopsy on some potentially cancerous matter on her liver and pancreas. The doctors are pretty sure she has pancreatic cancer but aren't 100% positive until the get the results on Tuesday. I feel really bad for Grandma Bee, but its good she is not in pain and is in her own world.

It breaks my heart knowing she won't be here on Earth much longer. But I do find joy in knowing I will see her again and she will be with Pa. In times like these my testimony of the Gospel is truly tested. I find great comfort in knowing when people pass away they have the opportunity to live with their families forever. I have been so blessed to have had Pa in my life and Grandma Bee.

2 New Things

My new short hair. Life is so much easier with short hair!

And the IKEA 2010 catalog! I don't think i'll be needing a new book for at least a week.