Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dec Update

Us today. 2 spitup episodes later....
Dear Blog,
Sorry you have been neglected, but I have been busy! Where to begin . . .

Ollie is now 4 months old. This has definitely been "the longest, shortest time" for Josh and I. Parenthood is a rollercoaster, but as long as Ollie keeps giving us his cute smiles I think everything will be fantastic. Oh I miss you sleep!!!

We endured our first natural disaster as a family a few weeks ago.  Almost every single pine tree was down in our street.  The winds were recorded ar 111 mph! Davis County was called a State of Emergency. I didn't leave the house that Thursday in fear that I might blow away. My parents lost one of their pines and their fence and they didn't have power for 4 days! They were going crazy.  We only lost power for a few hours here and there. Davis County looked like a war zone. Fences, trees, signs, siding, you name it, it was gone. On Sunday our bishop declared our ward in a state of emergency because the winds were coming again that night. There were trees, branches, trash, fences, etc. scattered all over our neighborhoods. So all able men, women, teens and even some children worked tirelessly from about 8am - 6pm cleaning up the debris. Now thats service! I couldn't help because I was taking care of Ollie, but when I looked out my window and saw about 150 people on my street cleaning up debris I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I love how our church teaches self-reliance and how people put that teaching to work.

I made the plunge and got myself a new job.  I have been wanting to leave MM since I was pregnant back in Dec. However, I wanted my 3 month maternity leave and vacation time so I stuck it out. Work has never been the same since the lay offs about 2 years ago and then the ones preceding. I went from a design marketing team from 5 to 1(me). I was always swamped with work and I felt I was never given any appreciation for my hard work, dedication and talent. Oh and I was never given a raise since I started. It was hard to make the plundge because I loved working with so many of my co-workers and have made long lasting friendships with them. It's fun to work with friends and people you enjoy. Especially when you are there for 40 hrs a week.  Plus our company was sold and we gained new owners. In the process we were promised more resources and raises. Which didn't pan out. WE were then told to wait atleast 3 months before asking for a raise. Let me tell you, I had already waited patiently for 3 years. I was done waiting! Sigh, if only the upper management could have got their act together. So I decided to put myself out there and look for other employment opportunities.

I have been doing extra freelance work since May in hopes that I could gather enough clients/consistent work so that I could stay home and work. As you know that didn't happen and I had to go back to MM. Meanwhile I had been apply and interviewing at a few jobs. Nothing was the right fit. Then my friend recommended me for freelance work at xxxxxxxxxxx (for names sake) where she works. It turned out that they liked me and my work and offered me a full time position. The perk is I get to work from home 3 days a week and 2 days in the office. Several good things are coming from this job. My most fav things are more Ollie time, mo money, and working from home. This has been my first week at home and I have loved it. My stress level is much lower.

Enough about that. Here are some Ollie Photos!

Ollie @ 2 Months

western family

complete with pistol


Ollie 3 Months

Thanksgiving- it had been 5 years since we had Thanksgiving together

Yummy food and drinks! Italain soda and cream soda

Ollie 4 months

He loves is mouth