Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Is this real life?

I had the worst morning of my life. I found out, it is possible to give your self a bloody nose! Here is how this morning went down.

I woke up ready to start another day. Upon standing up I realized, "Oh no, I feel like throwing up." So I just take it easy and start my morning routine. I was at the part where I condition my hair and then wash my face.

I start washing my face and then BAM! All of the sudden my index finger is slicing the inside of my nose. I say, "Ouch!" Then I touch my nose look at my hand and my hand is covered in blood. Side note: I don't do well with "medical things" that have to do with "unplanned bodily fluids." I was not expecting this morning to have blood all over my hands. As I said I was already nauseous and the gushing blood sent me over the edge. So I try to stay calm and rise off my face off and then I touch my nose again and there is still blood.

At that point I realize I'm going down. Either I am throwing up or passing out. So I try to breathe and stay calm and then I sit down while trying to not let the conditioner run into my eyes while holding my nose to make it stop bleeding.

Meanwhile Josh comes in and is like, "WHAT happened? Why are you sitting there?" I explained how I cut my nose. So naturally he wants to see it. Then it happens, he touches my nose with his finger. His finger smelled like the worst thing ever. I can't even describe how bad it smelled. And I'm sure Josh wouldn't want me to describe it. My gag reflexes go off and I start dry heaving and gaging! I really thought this is it. I'm going to barf in the shower and I'm going to barf all over myself because I'm sitting down.

Luckily that is where the story ends. My nose stopped bleeding and after eating breakfast I felt better. It is a funny/not so funny if you are right there in the moment. But I think its comical now.

To top the morning off I spilled my breakfast drink packet on the kitchen floor and then watched Yeti scratch at it making it a bigger mess. Then I was using the apple cutter and as I was pushing down on it I rammed my head into the cupboards. At that point I thought I should just go back to bed and cry. But I didn't I went to work.

The End

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2011 Resolutions/Goals

(Chris Carabba, me, Josh and Julie. Accomplishing concert going in 2011. It was awesome!)

I haven't really been motivated to do much in the way of being productive after I get home from work. Remember, it's because I'm growing a baby? But I have been thinking about all of the cool things I'm going to accomplish this year. So here is a list.

- Work on design projects for me
- Seek out freelance work
- Continue making cute things
- Set up that Etsy shop I've been talking about

- Save money
- Eat out less
- organize down stairs big room
- clean out office
- get the baby's room ready
- do something about all of the scuff marks on the hardwood floors

- read some parenting books
- be the best mom in the world once the baby is born
- be a better cat mom
- be understanding of Joshes 5 million hobbies
- really read scriptures daily (even if it's just a few verses).
- own an iphone (thank you verizon for making my dreams come true on feb 11th)
- Still do fun things with Josh, like concerts

Yard (depending on HOW pregnant I am and HOW hot it will be outside)
- water the plants every other day in the summer
- plant new grass by the fruit trees
- beautify the ugly corner by the apricot tree
- or hire a gardener for the summer if I really can't do any yard work

I hope I accomplish these. Some of these will change once the baby comes, but I have a few months to get some of these things going.

Side note: I'm really tired of feeling sick and pretending (yes I'm an actress from 9-5, m-f) to be a-ok. Thankful that I haven't thrown up yet, but just really tied about feeling lousy, tired, nauseous, having a bionic nose and being unproductive.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Post no. 201

I can't beieve this is post no.201! The responsible thing to do would be to get all nostalgic about the last 100 posts and make a new blog header. But I feel lucky enough to be motivated to blog. So that post will have to wait for another day. Maybe a day when I don't feel like throwing up.

Speaking of feeling like throwing up . . . it's not fun. I feel like this almost all of the time minus 2 beautiful amazing days this week. Those 2 days were such a nice break. I don't mean to complain about being pregnant because I am super thankful and happy that I am, but I am so TIRED of feeling like this. I feel like I am so dramatic, but this is not an exaggeration. The other thing the has happened in my 12th week (this week) is my new bionic nose. I can smell EVERYTHING. I can probably smell your breath as you are reading this. Smells that used to be no big deal make me dry heave such as: chicken, trash, peoples breath, bacon, garlic, our garage, smoke, canned soup with beef chunks, nacho cheese, etc. I can't wait to not feel nauseous and have my bionic noise go off at the same time. People tell me the constant nausea will go away in the next few weeks. I am looking forward to that. The above photos are from month 1, 2 & 3. Sorry if looking at the pee stick makes you feel weird.

I don't want to make this blog into everything about being pregnant and then babies so i'll add something else too.

Eyelash Extensions. Love them or hate them? Me personally I think they are kinda weird. They look like you put too much mascara on like Cholas do (Remember I grew up in Chula Vista, I know these things!). They are all the rage here in UT. I think fake eyelashes looks prettier and fuller. But in the end its whatever makes you happy. They are just not for me.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes . . .

Yes it's true. Josh and I are having a BABY!!! We couldn't be more excited. This has been a long time coming. It feels a little bit like, finally we get to be pregnant. We have been trying for 1.5 years. There has been a lot of praying, fasting, hoping, love, discouragement, sadness, blood tests, weight gain, more praying, then some more sadness more blood tests more weight gain, "lots of practice" and then FINALLY a positive pregnancy test.

It has been quite the rollercoaster, but we are happy that it is finally happening. Our prayers have been answered. I have been feeling super tired, nauseous and moody these past 10 weeks. I have to take a lot of naps and eat every 2 hours or else it's bad news. This past week we got to hear the babys heartbeat. It was really surreal and yet very real. After going to our first appt. it was such a relief to hear that my pregnancy is going as it should be going and everything checks out. I can't wait to meet this little baby!

The poster above was used to announce our BIG news to our families. Since we were in San Diego we skyped with Joshes family on Christmas Eve and they all opened their posters together at the same time. It was really fun to announce it all at once and have everyone together. My family opened theirs up as well. On both sides there was a lot of smiling, crying and celebrating. It makes me want to announce things more often.

Since getting pregnant took us so long it has made me very grateful to be pregnant. I was discouraged at time that it would never happen. I'm glad Josh was always so positive. he is the best husband. We weren't the people who just "got pregnant" ( Josh and I decided if you are 16 and a hillbilly you have better chances at getting pregnant fast, this was our research from MTV's 16 and Pregnant). It was a journey. Being petite, weighing 104 lbs and having irregular periods makes is difficult to get pregnant. I'm so happy things got on track and that we are going to have a baby! :)

Merry Merry Christmas.

Christmas went really, really fast this year. Which also means December went really, really fast. It was hard to keep up with all of the activities. We went to some fun parties, decorated the house, shopped for gifts and spent quality time with family.

We went to San Diego for Christmas. We were gone for about 10 days and had a relaxing time. From what I remember I slept a LOT. Growing a baby makes me tired. I was also pretty nausea so that was fun trying to figure out how not to be. Despite not feeling my best, we managed to do a few things and still have a fun time with family.

Christmas was nice and relaxing. Josh gave me a ping pong table which I'm pretty excited about. He really spoiled me this year. My other fav thing was a REAL hair straightener. It gets through my think mane and actually does it's job! It's wonderful.

We also visited the zoo. I love the zoo! They added a new enclosure for the Cheetahs which pretty much made my day. They are my favorite animals. Seeing a massive, fast cat just makes me happy.

Visiting the Midway was also cool. Navy ships are massive, but have very tight quarters. Oh and really steep stairs. I don't think you could be over 5'5 and comfortably climb the stairs all day.

The highlight was doing some temple work for my moms side of the family. It was a very emotional and joyful experience. Knowing that Grandma Bee and Pa will be reunited and their parents and grandparents too is so comforting. So many great things have happened in the San Diego Temple for my family and I.