Monday, April 4, 2011

My Work

M-F, 9-5 I design cute stuff. A HUGE product line just went into Michael's on Friday that we have been working on for a year. Yes a YEAR! I forget to post my projects because most of the time by the time they are released I'm completely sick of them. But seeing the final product in a store makes it worth it.

I designed the logo, packaging, packaging colors, key, magazine ads, blog, catalog, trade show signage . . . basically any of the marketing that has to do with the program, I designed it! We have separate designers who designed the product. Other people come up with the copy and I come up with the design. I also designed this Blog for the program (it still have some kinks that the programmer is working out).

Bravissimo! is an awards and recognition program. I know what your thinking, "I thought she works for a scrapbooking company?" I do. This is another way to craft and make people that you care about happy. Click here for the overview.

So go to Michaels and buy Bravissimo! so i can have a job. :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Day to Day

I have been slacking with this blog lately. But we have been busy, I promise! Here are some of the things we have been doing that I have documented thanks to my iPhone.

One of my neighbors gave me several boxes of baby clothes and accessories last week. It was fun going through all of the stuff.

Cheesecake Factory! We never dine there because the wait on the weekends is seriously 3 hours. But last Saturday we were in the area around 4:30 and we got a table at 5. It was delicious and they have a Receses Peanut Butter Cheesecake. It took me 3 different settings to down the slice and Josh even contributed on one of the settings.

Baby Yetti. She loves her naps on our laps.

YW Dodge Ball is so entertaining! This was their last game. They use these soft squishy balls. When I was tortured into playing it in elementary school we used these hard rubber balls. I HATED dodge ball. What is fun about being the smallest girl in your class and having your fellow classmates (especially the crazy boys) try and slam a ball into you? After you have the air knocked out of you, Dodge Ball is the worst thing ever. But anywho, I think I would have enjoyed playing it if the balls were soft like the ones the YW use.

Spring is here! Yeti and Gnarly were ecstatic when I opened up the window. Can you tell by Gnarlys face? She is saying back away, there are birds out here, and I don't want them thinking I'm soft. I even feed them their canned kitty food, which they LOVE and they would not leave their post at the windowsill.

I have been thinking about this tasty, tasty waffle for weeks! I love Bruges Waffles and Frits!!! The waffle is vanilla with vanilla cream, fresh strawberries and Beligin dark chocolate. Did I just describe my food heaven? Yes, I did.

This weekend is conference weekend. Instead of sitting on the couch and trying my best to stay awake, Josh and I have found things to do while listening to conference. We stay awake, take in the messages and get stuff done. Today we cleaned the yard up by raking up 10 bags of leaves. It was a bit crazy to have that many leaves, but it snowed by the time we could finish raking them. Thanks to live streaming we listened to it from Joshes Droid.

Happy Conference Weekend!

Boy Parts

Look at how cute his little face is!

As the ultra sound tech referred to his boy parts as "his pee-pee and bits" (in a lithuanian accent)

The past 2 weeks I have been explaining why we are now having a boy instead of a girl. Here is the scoop.

It's a BOY!!! A baby Boy! We went and had another ultrasound done about a week and a half after our first one. During our follow up appt. my Dr. said the ultra sound tech did not put the babys sex down. So she said go get another one.

I'm so glad we did. It was a much better experience. We got to see our little boys profile and facial details for several minutes. They gave us awesome photos and the ultra sound tech loved his job.

He guessed it was a boy right off because the babys hands were in between his legs (which is a sign that it's a boy). When it got to the private parts discovery he was like, "it's a BOY!" Josh started cracking up. I was in a bit of a shock. I thought I was growing a baby girl for almost 2 weeks? The funny thing is during that week and a half I bought nothing for the baby. I couldn't do it for some reason. All along I thought I was having a boy and then they tell us its a girl? I'm so glad I trusted my pre motherly instincts about this. Not that returning anything is a big deal, but I'm just glad I stuck to my initial feeling.