Sunday, November 30, 2008


This past week was a much needed break. Its too bad I had to be sick for all of it! Now I'm much better and tomorrow its back t work. For Thanksgiving we went to Pocatello. I wish I would have felt better so we could have stayed longer, but we only went for the day. I think we need to have thanksgiving more often. Its always good to be with family and think about what we are thankful for. I think if we took more time to think about what we were thankful for the world would be a bit happier.

Here are 10 things im grateful for:
1. My husband Josh. I love him so very much. He is such a sweetheart.
2. Heavenly Father. He gave me my wonderful life and blesses me each and everyday.
3. My family. I love them so very much. They are so good to me.
4. America. This is the best nation to live in. Even though thngs are a bit rocky, we still have freedoms that many other countires don't have.
5. Good friends. I have great friends.
6. Our House. its great to finally have a "home." A place that I really feel comfortable living in.
7. My Job. I really enjoy what I do.
8. Our kitties. They make me really happy.
9. Warm weather. It would be awful to only have cold weather all year long.
10. Technology. It makes it nice and easy to stay in contact with family and friends.

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Where an internet quiz thinks I should live

I took this quiz out of bordeum and it made me a little less bored. I have been sick and I'm finally feeling a little better. There is only so much laying around and watching TV that i can handle. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I better be feeling back to my usual self!

So this quiz asks you a series of questions based on weather, religion, entertainment, cost of living, etc. Then it comes up with this list of places that i should live. Utah (minus St. George. . . which is wayyy to hot for anyones good) and Idaho didn't make this list, should I be worried?

Little Rock, Arkansas "Where America Comes Together"
Oakland, California East Bay Living
Norfolk, Virginia Heart of the Hampton Roads
Portland, Oregon City of Roses
San Diego, California California’s First City
St. George, Utah Utah’s Dixie
Orange County, California Live The California Dream
Charlotte, North Carolina The Queen City
Augusta, Georgia Georgia’s Garden City
Honolulu, Hawaii America’s Tropical Paradise
Baltimore, Maryland The Sparkling Harbor City
Baton Rouge, Louisiana The Cajun Capital
Long Beach, California LA’s Ocean Playground
Chesapeake-Virginia Beach, Virginia The Southern Tidewater Region
San Jose, California The Silicon Capital
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Big City on the Plains
Providence, Rhode Island New England’s Best Kept Kept Secret
Albuquerque, New Mexico The Pulse of New Mexico
Los Angeles, California The Dream Factory
San Francisco, California The Golden Gate City
Nashville, Tennessee Music City, U.S.A.
Las Vegas, Nevada Entertainment Capital of the World
Washington, District of Columbia The World's Greatest Capital
New Haven, Connecticut Home of Yale University

Sunday, November 23, 2008

We have a Yeti and a Gnarly

We FINALLY have two cute baby cats!!! We are so excited. I have wanted to have a cat for so long . . . since I moved out of my house for college. But since we have a house we could finally have kittens. The white kitten is Yeti and the dark striped kitten in Gnarly. Yeti is a lynx siamese and gnarly is a form of a tabby cat. They are from the same litter and are sisters. They are really sweet kittens. They are so fun!

Monday, November 17, 2008


Living room

Living room also

Dining room

Sweet Hutch

So there are some more pictures of the house. I love love love the house. I really like how open it is and how it lets the sunlight in. I can't tell you how crazy I am about natural light and big windows. We are pretty much unpacked minus the framed photos that we need to hang. We will get around to it. Or I will because Josh gets too stressed out when we hang pictures. I can tell if something is 1 cm off and it drives Josh crazy because I always go and fix it. Sorry! :)

I have been working 10-13 hr days the past 3 weeks and it has been rough. It is catalog season and its a lot of work. But I enjoy the company of my co-workers so its really not that bad. I just wish I was home finishing up stuff around the house. I have been so tired. Design sometimes sucks the life out of me.

You will notice the "decorative sheet" in the living room. Its a make shift curtain until I find some fabric. I haven't had much time to search for a suitable print and when I have been looking I can't find anything! UT is worthless in the fabric dept. unless you are making a quilt or a baby blanket. There are no other fabric choices besides thin cotton or flannel. Its so dumb!!!! Don't people make anything else??? I'm going to try a store down on 72nd on Saturday and if that doesn't work ill make my way down to IKEA. They have some plain brown fabric curtains with the large grommets, but the grommets are silver and I'm looking for black. We shall see.

Bountiful is really nice so far. Our neighbors are nice and friendly. Our ward is great. I don't feel like an outcast. People introduce themselves to us. It is just great! We got callings yesterday too. We are both teaching the 5 yr. olds in primary. Josh is completely freaked out. We have 11 kids. That age is easy. You teach the lesson, do an art project that correlates with the lesson and give them a treat a long as they behave. Plus kids are so cute and funny when they are five!

I have so much to blog about! A lot has happened especially Obama being the president and prop 8 passing! I am so excited that Obama is the president. He just seems so sincere and honest. Hes real! I feel that he will do everything in his power to fix the financial crisis and get us out of Iraq. He also is so motivating and hopeful. Plus his campaign advertising was a breath of fresh air. It is time for new leadership and a republican to take a vacation from being the president. ( *disclaimer* I am not a republican nor a democrat, I simply vote for the candidate that I feel will best lead our country)

Josh and I also went snowboarding this past saturday. I am still super sore, because it was our first day of the season. We had a lot of friends come and party at our new house this weekend. Dustin, Kate, Taylor, Cody, Beth and Kyle. Its always great to be surround by good friends. I am still super sore, but it was totally worth it.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Our new Home

Here is a picture of the front of this house. We took these last weekend after we moved in. Don't you love the leaves? We still need to rake them. So far we love the house. It is so great to finally have a place to call home and not have to worry about where we will move to next. We will post more pictures of the inside of the house soon.

Josh and I made a list: Why Our House is Awesome.
No more sharing walls
We can turn the music all the way up (to 11)
Our mail comes to our front door
We have our very own washer and dryer (we will post about this wonderful experience later)
We don't hear our neighbors using their bathrooms
No more ghetto vulgar fights outside our windows
Our neighbors are great
Our ward is awesome
Its quite and peaceful
We have a garage to park our cars in . . . we won't be scraping snow!
We have lots of space
We have a yard with trees
We have great views (by this we mean we don't get to gaze out onto a parking lot)
We get to get a kitty tomorrow
The kitchen is awesome . . . thank you swedish design (we actually want to cook and aren't disgusted by the kitchen)
No ghosts
We can have really big parties
Lots of people can stay over
Mini ramp is being planned out
We can paint the walls any color we want
We have house projects
Ample storage space
We can acquire real grownup furniture
We can display art
Make nail holes in the wall
We have an awesome street (good mix of old and new homes)
Great place to start a family
"Man space" in the garage and basement
"Girl Space" everywhere else :)

Its a good start for our list. We are so Excited!!!!

What you have all been waiting for . . .

a video tour of the house!

PS It didn't record the sound, so just pretend that I am an awesome tour guide.