Monday, March 30, 2009

Saturday was a nice day . . . and then the BLIZZARD hit!

Saturday was a good day. We got some house projects done and got to be outside. Spring is a season that exists in UT so I thought I would take some photos of the pretty flowers around our yard. This tree type is still being determined. We think it might be a plum. I love the blossoms.

Gnarlys outside ritual of hunting all of the elder bugs. She is perched on our Garage window sill.

Yetti also hunting elder bugs . . . she doesn't climb on things. check out the Tulips! I am so excited to have tulips!

Our flowers out front are starting to bloom also.

Another exciting outside thing is our solar powered lights! I love these things and my parents know this so, they got us these as one of our Christmas gifts. They are awesome!

And last but not least Josh skating.

I'll post more photos of the yard. Its so weird to actually have our very own yard. A few weeks ago it was really warm outside so I started doing yard work after work. I raked about 6 large yard bags of leaves! They were stuck and jammed into the plants in our planter boxes. But I am really proud of myself because it really looks really nice and fresh outside. The dead leaves were cramping my outside style.

Side story: Me being the dumb californian wore flip flops of the first day of my raking (I was really excited that it was 70f and I could wear them!). I ended up getting some pretty gnarly spider bits on my foot. They itched like crazy (and drove me crazy)! After a week they turned a deep purple and it looked all gross and bruised. I showed Josh and he gave a "eh." Then I went to work. He thought they were really bad bites (and didn't tell me or show any emotion, true Josh style) . So he consulted Matt and Mandy and asked what was wrong. Then Josh told me he was asking them their professional advice about the bites because he thought they were super bad. Meantime I thought I was going to have to go to the doctor and get a dreaded shot or something horrible like that. Turns out I'm alive, no doctor visit, just really bad bites. Lesson learned: No matter how nice it is outside always wear flip flops when raking gross leaves.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I can't get LC off my blog

Ok so Natalie and I have an ongoing disagreement when it comes to television. It basically goes like this—I hate The Hills and all involved with that insidious sesspool of rabbi-infested excrement. Natalie happens to think the show is entertaining along with it's devil spawn The City. Most of the time it's no big deal, Natalie will watch it while I'm not around or watch it on the Internet. We have adopted a peace agreement when it comes to the show. But then yesterday she went and put a trailer for the next season on our blog. Honestly I was going to erase her post, but then I realized that would cross the line into douche baggery. So I let it live 24 hours (or over night anyway) before posting something over it.

So to counteract the lameness (in my opinion) of Lauren succubus Conrad, I have included quite possibly the coolest skate video intro of all time. It is a bit long but trust me, it is well worth the four and a half minutes. The only thing that would make this intro cooler would be if Eric Koston kickflipped over the entire cast of The Hills, The City, and all iterations of the Real Housewives series (but I'd settle Vicki from the OC) before they exploded.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Hills Season 5 = awesome

I don't know about you, but I can't wait till Monday, April 6th!!!

Sorry for the creepy movie preview at the beginning.

PS I am a little nervous about LC's lipstick as the main image for this clip. She looks goth.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Our Entertainment

Cute little Gnarly has found a great box to sit in.

Yetti Soon realizes that Gnarly is in the box and has to be in there also. even though it isn't made for two.

Without further investigation Yetti has dove head first into the box.

Poor little Gnarly is squished to the bottom and Yetti has a "yeah thats right!" expression on her face.

- The End -

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fun Web site to check out

Yesterday I decided to take the plunge and open a Twitter account. I've been kicking around the idea to check out Twitter for awhile and just decided to do it. So far, it's pretty lonely. Turns out I don't know many people on Twitter. But I did find this video on the Twitter home page. I was so impressed by it I followed it home to A husband and wife run it out of their home in Seatle and have some pretty high profile clients. The idea is so cool, take something complicated and explain it in a simple and easy to understand way. The videos are about as simple as can be. I watched one on compound interest and APY and I'll admit I was actually engaged and interested the entire time. There are a lot of possibilities with this site and the service it provides. Maybe CommonCraft will release a video on why the big three auto makers are still around. That is a total mystery to me.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Stamps & Life

This is one of the many cute stamps from Paperwink. I love vintage meets modern girly design and these are just it! They are so cute and I'm pretty positive I'm going to buy one.

I have been LOVING the weather lately (Josh not so much). Today it was 60F and last week it was 60F (in February!) The weather here is such a welcomed change from Rexburg. If I were in Rexburg I would have been wearing a long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt, snowboarding Jacket, jeans, wool socks, boots, gloves and possibly a hat. But not in UT! You can wear cute flats and a normal jacket and be fine. Its pretty awesome. Not as awesome as SD but much better then the old burg.

Yetti and Gnarly are getting so big. They are so cute and so much fun. The perfect pet combination.

Josh and I have been doing good. We have been hanging out with friends lately which is always fun. We have some great friends. Last weekend we went to the Macaroni Grill downtown which turns out, is actually the older gay and lesbian hangout. No one told us. I at first thought is was where older people went to have "girls/guys night out" type things. But then we noticed it wasn't. There were still a lot of couples, families and groups but mostly not. It was funny to be thrown off. We also saw Coraline. It was really cool. All handmade and stop animation. I was impressed.

We are thankful everyday for having great jobs and basically just having a job. The world is a hot mess right now. The economy makes anything seem sketchy. But i try not to think about it and just pretend everything is ok. It helps to laugh. Which is something Josh and I are good at. On a fun note we are excited for spring. I can't wait to do some painting! Finally no one (but maybe Josh) can force me to live with white walls (or maybe a wall color that looks like a soft fleshy pink color intended to look like beige)!!! And I think Josh is a little excited to do yard work. But probably more about his future half pipe. He was researching today city ordinance laws for half pipe allowance.

Other news Josh and I both wear glasses. I'll have to post a picture. We are both near-sided. I only wear them for driving and it has made a world of a difference. I can actually read the road signs clearly and see all the details in the mtns. I had no idea my sharp vision was failing until I put my glasses on for the first time. I was blown away at what I was missing! Everything is so much brighter now too. Weird.