Monday, August 30, 2010

Chicago: Sunday

Side note: I'm writing this in the dark. Well kinda. Our office light bulb died and it hasn't been replaced yet. So im using 2 desk lamps and the light from the closet. Wish me luck!

Sunday morning we rode the train into the city. We then took a really long walk to our hotel to drop our bags off. We did a lot of walking.
Found China Town on our walk.

Dropped the bags off and kept on the long walk movement (not the best idea in humidly).

We purchased a City Pass which gave us the above tickets. It was half of the cost if we had purchased the tickets individually. The best perk was passing all of the lines because we got to go straight to the front of all of the lines It was great to be able to hit up all of the major museums too.

Found this cool fountain on the long walk.

Found the Bears stadium on the long walk.

Finally arrived at our destination, the Field Museum.

Sue, Josh and me. Most complete T-Rex. I would be pretty scared if there were dinosaurs walking the earth!

Sky line.

Shedd Aquarium. I could have stayed here all day. Well any of the Museums we could have stayed for hours, but time did not permit us to do so. I had to take this photo. Josh and his arch nemesis, dolphins! Look how un happy he is.

Dolphins! This museum was phenomenal. It is the largest indoor aquarium in the US. There were so many large tanks. This is one of them that had cute dolphins swimming around.

Sea lion. I love hearing them bark.

Beluga whale! This tank was huge too. When ever I see a beluga whale I think of that Raffe song, Baby Beluga.

Mom and babies.

Sea Turtle. The are so fun to watch.

Penguins! Ever watch Dirty Jobs? They came here once to clean their enclosure.

I loved the lake. It gave me a an illusion of the ocean.

We then went to the Museum of Science and Industry. We were pretty much over museums at that point. We were in a desperate need of a nap and we really wanted to go swimming at the hotel pool. We got smart and took a cab back to our hotel. Sometimes the 7 bucks is worth it!

On top of the Sears Tower. This was my second time and I was glad we went at sunset.

Pizza again! We weren't planning on it, but we were starving and tired of trying to find another place to eat at. This was Giordanos. I liked their pizza the best. You can tell because I downed 3 pieces and Josh ate 2. The sauce, the cheese the crust, so yummy! I now like pizza a lot but, only if it's from Chicago.

It's hard to believe we did all of this in one day!!! We were so tired. We rode busses, trains, cabs and walked and walked and walked. Did I mention we walked a lot? I thought Chicago's subway system was going to be more like NYC where you could ride it anywhere. I learned it was not, oh well!

Chicago: Friday & Saturday Night

Josh flew into Chicago Friday so we could have the weekend to be tourists together. It was both of our first times being in Chicago. Friday night our friend Johnny and his gf Gretchen came and meet up with us. We ate some amazing pizza at Lou Malnati's and caught up with each other and then got incredibly lost thanks to Google Maps. It was a fun night! This was my second time in just 3 days of eating deep dish pizza.

View from my hotel room in Rosemont where we stayed during the trade show. I was amazed at how green everything was. It was beautiful! My two favorite colors in nature to see are green and blue.

Saturday was the last day of the consumer show which at night I was officially FREE! Josh and I rode the subway into the city. We meet up with the Mulcocks. Caitlin's family has been long time friends with the Joshes fam. It's always funny hearing the stories. They showed us around the Magnificent Mile and then we went to Navy Pier to watch the fireworks. It was a pretty awesome firework show. Complete with music!

Chicago: Thursday Night

I don't know if you know this about me but, I love Target. One of the many reasons why I love Target is because they have Free Thursdays at certain art Museums throughout the US. I love that they support the arts!

After CHA some of my co-workers and I headed to the city to the Art Institute of Chicago. We had only 30 mins to explore the before the museum closed. We ran to the Seraut painting Sunday Afternoon on the Grande Jatte first. This is one of my all time favorite paintings. My mom had this painting on a coffe mug growning up and I have always loved it. I have always thought it would be cool to be in this painting. It's always magical, yes magical, to see favorite works of art.

Look at the amazing detail!


Me and Vincent Van Gogh

The Nighthawks. Another painting that I want to step into.

American Gothic

Outside of the Museum.

After the Art Institute we headed over to the Sears Tower. This is what it looks like when you are at 103 floors. It's pretty cool to be up this high.

The glass bottom viewing areas.

Me sitting on the bottom. One of my work friends dared all of us to jump on the glass part. We all did of course and it was scary.

By this point we were all STARVING!!! Nothing was really open because it was almost 11pm. A local told us to eat here and so we did. I had fantastic fish and chips. We all had fun on our spontaneous and spur of the moment Chicago night out. I'm lucky to have fun people to work with.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chicago: CHA

This summer I was invited to go to the CHA Summer show. We do 2 big shows a year. I have been doing the booth signage for the past several shows and I have never seen everything all together. It was pretty exciting to see my hard work come to life!

The Vintage Groove jewelry wall. I love our jewelry!

The Girls at the Show

I Meet Suede from Project Runway! I LOVEd meeting him.

I designed these bags. It was pretty awesome to see ppl sporting them and loving them!

I had to sneak a pic with my fellow BYU-I designer Lindsay!