Thursday, January 28, 2010

Be Prepared...

  • Ten years in the making.
  • Twenty-eight photos (and counting).
  • Two thousand words (and climbing).
  • Biggest. Blog Post. E. V. E. R.
Where will you be...when Josh's decade in review lands on Cephaloblog?

(See that Lamp post? That's you after reading Josh's decade in review. BLAMO!)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

That. Just. HAPPENED. Josh's Decade in Review.

Natalie and I were talking recently about how awesome the last decade was. We even went so far as to make a list; and the list was uber-long. Try like five pages long. We have been talking about doing a "Best Decade Ever" blog post together. Natalie beat me to the punch. She's sneaky like that some times.

This was indeed the best decade ever. We will never have a more productive decade than the last one. It was off the hook for real. So with no further ado—I present to you Josh Ormond's off the hizzy last decade in review.
  • Elected class president (Sophomore, junior, senior VP): I was really nervous about going to high school. So I decided to run for class president, and guess what. Yup, I won. I was sophomore and junior class president and senior class vice president. It was awesome fun. And I was a good king, I mean class president.

  • Graduated high school: Booyaa!

  • First day job: After graduating, I had a few months before my mission, so I decided to get a job. I got a job working as a phone jockey for DirectTV. It was lame, not going to lie. But I learned some fun facts about celebrities, like Tiger Wood's massive porn addiction. Not even kidding. It all makes sense now. And the day job letme do a lot of skating. That's a bonus.

    Skate Montage from Josh Ormond on Vimeo.

  • Traveled to Lima, Peru: My brother Matt served his mission in Lima, Peru and we were able to go pick him up. It was the summer before I left on my mission and it was frick'n sweet! I saw a real Peruvian llama. I know! Ok, so that wasn't the coolest thing about Peru. Machu Picchu was breath taking. One of the coolest places I've been.

  • Poured a foundation for a house: I worked with my oldest brother Jason off and on throughout high school and college. It was a lot of fun being around him all day everyday. One milestone while working with Jason was pouring a concrete foundation for a house. It wasn't as much fun as you would imagine. But still, it was an experience.

  • Framed a house: Framing a house is much more fun than pouring a foundation. I learned a lot working for my brother. He taught me the value of a strong work ethic and how to take pride in your work.

  • Went through the temple for the first time: All I can say is going to the temple was a great experience. It was a total "Aha" moment.

  • Went on my mission: Well this one goes without saying. A mission is a big deal. I learned a lot and grew a lot (literally, I came home about 30 lbs over weight). My biggest regret is some how I lost most of my pictures.

(Yes, I was at the well that day. And yes, it was awesome.)

  • Bought my first car: After coming home from my mission (and losing some weight) I decided to buy a car. It was a cool little auto. A 1993 Honda Accord coup. I dug it. Right up to the moment I slid through a stop sign and got smashed by another car. Not my fault.

  • Started college: BYU-Idaho and I had a temultous relationship. To put it descretly. And that's all I have to say about that.

(This is a metaphor. Jumping into the unknown, slightly discolored waters of BYU-Idaho.)

  • Lived with Josh Jackson and his family: Living with the Jackson's was awesome. Josh is one of those people you always want to be in your life. And the Jackson family—don't get me started on the awesomeness that is the Jackson's.

(This could be the girlyest (or cutest) picture of Josh Jackson and me.)

  • Lived on my own: Moved out of my parent's house and into an apartment. Good times followed.

(My home for my bachelor days in college. Natalie lived across the parking lot. It was good.)

(These are Natalie's roommates. I knew them better than my roommates.)

  • Met Natalie: One unsuspecting day a little blonde girl came into my pizzeria and changed my world for ever. She was so hot!
(This is what it would've looked like if we went to prom. And I was 7 feet tall.)

(I asked Natalie out on our first date on this exact spot. Watching a Star Wars marathon has never been more awesome.)
  • Went surfing: One of those checklist items in life. Surfing was way fun, but I could hardly move the next day. Totally worth it.

  • Stepped on a shark: So there I was minding my own business at La Jolla Beach when to my surprise a school of anchovies decided to come into the breakers. And Sharks love them some anchovies. It took me awhile to realize what was going on (can you say feeding frenzy). But after stepping on a slippery large something and then seeing a nurse shark scamper away, I was done for the day.

  • Owned three cats: One of Natalie's roommates decided to bring home a cat one day. Then decided she didn't want to take care of it. So Natalie and I adopted the cat and named her Koonie. We got caught by the apartment manager, and Koonie now lives with Natalie's parents. Now we have become full-blown cat people. Yetti and Gnarly are the coolest felines in the world.

(She was a devil, but we loved her.)

(The current devils. Gnarly, looking like she wants to eat your soul, and Yetti, looking like she wants to cuddle.)

  • Got engaged: It was on a beach. In the summer. And it was perfect.

(I asked Natalie to marry me just a few minutes later.)

  • Got married: It was in San Diego. In the spring. And it was perfect.

(Look how cute we are.)

(Not at our wedding, but I really like this picture anyway.)
  • Became an ex-virgin: Uh, well...all I can say is...I've said too much.

  • Went on a cruise: Going on a cruise for your honeymoon is a good idea. I recommend it. Just don't eat the shrimp cocktail. It'll make ya yak.

(Towel animals are hilarious.)

  • Went to Mexico: Natalie lived like a stones throw away from Mexico for most of her life and never went. It was fun to explore Mexico together.

  • Moved into first apartment together: Our first apartment in Rexburg was great. We loved that place. It was small but awesome. What can we say, it was our first place.

    (We had a lot of fun.)

  • Became a big brother: I grew up being the youngest brother in a family of eight. I was the youngest kid on both sides of the family. So when I married Natalie, I inherited the coolest little sister a dude could ask for. If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting Michelle, I feel really sorry for you.

    Michelle's Dance, Dance Show from Josh Ormond on Vimeo.

(Ta da!)

  • Became an uncle (over and over and over again): My family is fertile.

  • Bought my first Macs (iMac and G4 iBook): Shaking off the chains of PC oppression felt good. Real good.

  • Bought my first Burton set up: I tried to act like I didn't want to sell out and buy a Burton board. What a fool I was. I'll always be a Burton guy.

(I'm rock'n the look.)

  • Decided I wanted to go to law school: What's a young, impressionable return missionary supposed to do when he goes to college? Simple, tell people you're going to law/med/business school. It was a bad idea.

  • Decided I didn't want to go to law school: Finally snapped out of it and decided to do something awesome with my life. It was a good idea.

  • Graduated (survived) college: Got my degree in English with an emphasis in professional writing. And got the hell out of town. Being an English major is great. I love it.

(Natalie snuck in and took a picture while I was writing my final research paper. I think my face says it all.)

(Graduation day. Now lets blow this fascist popsicle stand! My mom, oldest brother Jason, me, and Natalie.)

  • Got my fist real job at ThomasArts Advertising as a proofer: I graduated on a Friday, moved on a Saturday, and started work on a Monday. Nothing like hitting the ground running.

  • Moved to Utah: Ok, I have a secret. I've always wanted to live in Utah. There, it's off my chest. Living in Utah is awesome.

(We had a lot of boxes.)

(A lot of them.)

  • Got laid off for the first (hopefully last) time: The lamest experience I've ever had. "Hey, you're doing a good job, we like you. Now pack up your things and turn in your parking pass. Oh and by the way, you're not important to us." Totally awesome.

(This is the day after I got laid off. Underneath that smile is a dude coping with stress induced diarhea. Fun times.)

  • Started working for the largest ad agency network in the world: I was super lucky—I was unemployed for two weeks before being hired at McCann Erickson. Working at McCann has been fantastic. And it has brought me one step closer to my goal of being a full time copywriter.

  • Bought a house: Just living the dream man. We looked at a lot of houses and nothing felt quite right. The first time we walked into this house it was right. That was an easy decision.

(Home sweet home.)

  • Bought a car together: Natalie's Toyota was a good ride. But the Mazda has heated seats. Heated seats man!

(I dare you not to fall in love with warmed bums on a January morning.)

  • Bought my first Subaru: It was a 1992 Subaru Legacy Sport Sedan. It was turbo charged and it was radical.


  • Bought my dream car: In 1998 Subaru decided to pour a whole cup of awesome on the world with the Impreza 2.5 RS. I wanted that car the day I saw it. Then the WRX arrived and I knew our fates were entwined. Shortly after buying our house I found the perfect WRX. A 2002 silver WRX wagon. Ours is a love story for the books.

(I tried to get a picture to post, but the car is just too fast.)

  • Built a mini-ramp in my garage: I've skated for the better part of 15 years. And I've wanted a mini-ramp for a long, long time. So now, I finally have one.

(You may ask yourself "Is this the coolest thing ever?" Answer. "Yes. It is.")

(Game on.)

  • Turned 21 and 25: Reached some age milestones in the last decade. I turned 21, and 25. Also got my first gray hair in the last decade. I'm hoping to go completely white just like my dad. His hair is super-fly.

(I didn't have a picture from my 21st or 25th birthday. So my 26th will have to do.)

  • First iPod: When I went to Japan, I brought back a Mini-disk player. I thought I was the bees knees. Well Natalie set me straight and bought me a silver iPod Mini for Christmas. I still have it.

(Five iPods between two people. Just right.)

  • Got a LiveJournal, Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter account: I entered the social networking world. Now I know what all my friends are doing at any moment in the day. What's that Carlee? Bored at work again? Come again Taylor? Yes, I'm with CoCo too.

  • Started Cephaloblog: Started blogging the funness of our life. And the world hasn't been the same since has it.

  • First friends marriage: My friends started getting hitched. The first to take the plunge was Zac and Carlee. That was such an amazing wedding.

  • Worked in Young mens for the first time: In our first ward in Utah, I was called into the young mens. I was excited at first, then I got to know the kids. Bunch of lazy, whining little brats. That was not a good experience.

  • Worked in Primary for the first time: Our ward in Bountiful wasted no time giving us a calling. Primary is so much fun. It was crazy at first, but we got the hang of it. And it is radical.

  • Hosted Thanksgiving at our house: My sister called me and asked what our Thanksgiving plans were. Next thing I knew we were hosting Thanksgiving at our house. And it was sweet! So much fun to have the majority of my family in my house for Thanksgiving.

(See what I mean about a fertile family. Final count was 14.)

  • Crafted my signature Jimmy Neutron hair style: Many have wondered where my signature hair style came from. Well let me tell you. I have no idea. But sometimes you just get lucky and end up looking this good.

(I'm channeling some pretty heavy indy rock here. But check out the perfect hair. So appropreiate.)

  • Grew up: I know what you're thinking, but I really have grown up. Just a little.

  • My first three years of marriage: Natalie and I celebrated our first, second, and third wedding annaversaries. Three years have flown by. Good times.

(Our second wedding anniversary on top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. It was romantic.)

  • Survived the Bush years: Eight years of George W. I know, I can't believe it either. Some how America went through a period of complete stupidity for eight years. "Civil liberties? Ah, who needs em." "Unjustified war? Hell yes!" "Ignore a human tragedy in New Orleans? These colors don't run son—unless there's a lot of water and black folk." I'm amazed zombies didn't rise from the grave.

  • Elected President Obama: Finally, America woke up from it's apparent paralysis of good judgment. Hope is a powerful thing.

And there it is. My the best decade ever. I know I've left some things out, but I tried to hit the bigg'ns. Really I could just boil my best decade down to one event—marrying Natalie, the most beautiful girl in the world.

The lesson learned from this post? The best parts of the last decade have generally had something to do with you guys, the readers of this blog. I can define happiness as time spent with the people I love. Big thanks to all of you for the last ten years. See you on the flip-side folks.

Monday, January 25, 2010

It's Coming...

Can you hear the thunder?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Best Decade Ever 2000-2009

The best decade. Josh end I were talking about what we have done/accomplished this past decade. I am amazed at everything I have done!
  • 2nd half of freshman year of HS started in 2000

  • Survived y2k
  • lettered in Drill Team

  • made great friends in HS that I had a lot of fun with

  • camped at the beach a lot
  • went to the beach 4 times a week in the summer

  • first time surfing

  • was tan, a lot
  • hit ages 16,18, & 21
  • First boyfriend
  • First time paying taxes

  • First warped tour
  • First cell phone
  • Drivers license

  • First car
  • First dances school & stake
  • Braces removed
  • Took Spanish for 5 yrs., italian 1 yr. (don't ask me to speak either)
  • Young Women’s Recognition Award
  • Took Honors classes
  • Graduated seminary (early morning, 5:40 am)

  • Graduated High School
  • Moved away from home (one of the hardest things I did)

  • First Apartment (Legacy Ridge 505)

  • Went to BYU-I

  • First time having Roomates
  • Fist Idaho winter
  • Driving in the snow
  • 3 computers
  • Second Airplane Ride
  • First mac

  • Learned to snowboard
  • Lived in snow

  • Had the best roommates

  • Fell in Love with JOSH (2004)
  • First iPod (pink ipod mini)
  • Two iPods in the last decade

  • Floating a river (jackson Hole)

  • Swam frequently in rivers

  • Went bridge Jumping (first & last time)
  • Myspace, Facebook
  • Live journal

  • Went Snowmobiling for the First time

  • Got engaged (2005 on Coronado Beach)
  • My Beach Blonde Hair went away so I got Highlights for the first time
  • Got married in the San Diego Temple (2006)
  • Went through the temple for the first time
  • Have a Huge extended family who I LOVE
  • My last name was no longer Wyrick
  • Cut hair short
  • Went to mexico
  • Cruise
  • First apartment together (we loved this place)
  • First joint bank account

  • Had my BFA Show, first art show ever!

  • Graduated/Survived College with a BFA in Graphic Design (2007)

  • Went to NYC with Mandy
  • Have had 5 jobs

  • Three cats (above Koonie, Yetti and Gnarly)
  • First Christmas away from Home
  • First white Christmas

  • First friend marriages (Nichole & Wes, Jordan & Ryan, Cassie & Jared . . .)
  • First paychecks over $1,000
  • Bought my first Car!

  • Played with Fireworks for the first time
  • Wakeboarding for the first time
  • Work featured in Target
  • Real yard work
  • Real callings
  • Lived in three different states
  • Been in Three car wrecks
  • Moved nine times in the last decade

  • Concerts of my most fav bands Jimmy Eat World, Blink, TBS, So Co, Fall out boy, AFI . . . (too many count)
  • Bought a house
  • Pa (2000), Grandma Lo (2007)and Grandma Bee (2009)passed away
  • Thanksgiving at our house
  • Mini ramp
  • Still and will always be Loving Josh.
I know I must be forgetting things, but you get the point. Several life changing events have gone on. I don't think I will ever accomplish this much in a decade again. What a roller coaster this has all been! I'm excited to see what the next years bring.

PS Sorry I wasn't very modest in HS. I thought only lesbians wore long shorts. Times have changed now.