Thursday, March 28, 2013

All about Ollie

What I am loving about Ollie Boy right now

I love...
watching you explore things.
How you point to everything and want to show us what you are interested in.
How you lose all composure once you see an elephant.
If you see a bird you sign a bird and you are so thrilled
The love you have for yeti and gnarly is so sweet. Every cat tackle and love pat you give makes you so happy.
Your expression and tone of "no" is spot on.
Nursery isn't your favorite thing and I secretly like how you want to snuggle right before its time to go. But then you are fine once we leave.
You are a show off.
The little red car outside keeps you entertained for hours.
Vacuums are your thing. You know your way around a Dyson and a Kirby.
When you are happy your entire demeanor changes. You perk up, talk really sweetly and get super animated.
Blankie, Pacie and Mickey calm you down.
I like how when you want to go outside you like to pick my shoes. You always want me to wear my winter Sarah Pailin boots.
The suds from your shampoo fascinate you.
Your head nods and shakes are the best.
Hearing you say cheese and thank you is the best.
How you try to put your little Nikes or Stride Rite Ernie shoes over your footie Jammie's in the morning because you want to go outside.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

20 Random Facts About me

1. I secretly want to be an event planner, its too bad I love being a graphic designer so much!
2. I'm scared of roller coasters but my love of a thrill almost always wins!
3. I love stationary supplies and stores. I can never have enough pens and unique paper.
4. I love Hello Kitty.
5. I never, ever, want a tattoo. I have a million dots (freckles) on my body that I'm not particularly fond of, so why would I want an entire image on my body for life?!
6. California burritos, French fries, ice cream, artichokes and spaghetti are my favorite foods.
7. I didn't think I would get married until I was 30. I got married when I was 20.
8. I drink water all the time.
9. I have never done drugs or drank alcohol.
10. I enjoying making things looks better, wether its cleaning or designing.
11. I'm a sucker for nail polish or a cheap shirt.
12. I love to read and can read any book in a week.
13. I want to travel the world one day.
14. Roaming around Target is really relaxing.
15. I can't resist cookies and anything with chocolate.
16. I like going to bed at midnight and waking up at 9am.
17. I never wanted to be a SAHM until Ollie was born.
18. I think about going to Disneyland all the time. I can't remember a time in my life where I wasn't thinking this.
19. I am terrible at math. I wish I understood it.
20. Being a wife and a mother is the best thing!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Baumgardners Visit Utah

In feb one of my bestest friends came to visit. We meet in 7th grade and have been close friends since!

I told them on Facebook that there was tons of snow and they should come and visit. And then, well, they did 2 weeks later. 

Oh, the FUN we had! The Baumgsrdners are what I call "easy friends". Easy friends are easy to be around. Where you can be doing anything and have the best time. 

They got in Thursday night and we ate tacos and hung out.

Friday we ventured to City Creek, Temple Square, outside snow playing and Red Rock.

 Thsi was stolen from Wesley's facebook. 
1. they got hung up outside of Mesquite on their drive up 
2. Ollie saying HI 
3. snow!
4. Temple square
5. Jude being a helper and pushing Ollie
6. Snow play
7. Jude LOVED the snow
8. cute Nichole
9. Nichole, Me and Ollie all bundled up
 Jude and Ollie played really well together. Jude is so sweet and well behaved (he has some awesome parents). He called me Mrs. Natalie the whole time! Him and Josh have a lot in common with their love of legos and Star Wars.

 Saturday we went up to Big Cottonwood canyon and went sledding for the day. We had dinner at my parents house and visited.

1. Sledding
2. icy river
3. Jude bundled up
4. Princess Gnarly (she really liked Wesley)
5. Yeti
6. Jude and Josh BFF's and Star wars lovers!
7. before they left

It was so great to have the Baungardners visit. It was so fun to catch up, reminisce about the middle school and HS days and have LOTs of fun. They are also such a great example of a happy couple and family. We can't wait to have them back again!