Thursday, April 30, 2009

{3rd} Anniversary

Josh totally surprised me and rented the Oscar Mayer Wiener truck!!!! It was so random, but totally something he would do. How romantic! Ok so i'm totally messing with you. We actually just saw it on the way to the restaurant and we (meaning I) had to take some photos by it. You just don't pass up an opportunity like this!

We went to the Melting Pot for dinner. It was sooo good. I highly recomend this for a romantic evening. We loved the fondue. We got a 4 course fondue meal and it was awesome. 1st course was a really good cheese fondue blend. We got breads, vegs, and fruit to dip in the cheese. 2nd course Salad. I got a huge tomatoe salad with motsarella cheese slices. So good! Josh thinks tomatoes are devil food so he opted for the ceasar. Then the 3rd cousre we had, lobster, shrimp, pork(gross) fliget minon, shrip, streak and vegtables. You cooked those and then choose a bunch of sauces to dip the food in.

4th course was dessert and it was soooo delicious! We had the "Flaming Turtle" (kind of an awkward name). It was a chocolate sauce with pecans and caramel. We got to dip: marshmallows, brownies, rice crispy treats, strawberries, bananas, pound cake and cheesecake.

It was so romantic and fun. I love Josh. Its hard to believe 3 years of marriage has passed! Time has flown by. It has been a total of 5 years of dating and marriage. Which is a long time. So far we have experienced 5 years of happiness. Life is pretty awesome being married to Josh.

This is what I gave Josh. Its a Music Snob print which is perfect for Josh. He said, "I was the coolest for giving him it."

My Hand Modeling

Incase being a designer doesn't pan out I now have hand modeling to fall back on. Its almost as hard as designing. Its diffcult to acheive the look sometimes, but totally worth it when it just happens. I really need to work on getting a portfolio together. he he

So seriously this really is my hand. We have a new site called cropchocolate which features MM products for a hugely discounted price. I got asked to handmodel because I have small girly hands. Plus I usually have nice nails. I find it funny/weird that I have been hand modeling. Who knew I had this hidden talent!!! Josh thinks its awesome because he can tell people he's married to a model.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fall Out Boy!!!!!!!!!!

There is NO denying that WE LOVE FOB a lot. And when we LOVE a band we have to see them in concert whenever they come and we can go. As much fun fun as it is to listen to a CD over and over again its so much better to see them LIVE! The photos are blurry (they are from my phone) because of all the rock they were doing. Plus I might have not been standing stll.

To say the least the concert was amazing. They rocked it. Patricks voice is AMAZINGLY awesome. It was great live. Pete has a good live scream and rocks the bass. Joe plays a mean guitar. Andy beats those drums so well! There is nothing like a great concert. Its been a week and I'm still remembering how great they were. The only downfall was the weird artsy polital message. Josh and I like less talkin' and more rockin'.

They played all of the favorites. It was a good mix of songs off of the new album as well as the old tunes. Everything from "Dead on Arrival" to "Grand Theft Autumn" to "Thanks for the Memories" to "This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race" to "Dance, Dance" to "Sugar We're Going Down" to"America's Suitehearts" to "I Don't Care" to "(Coffee's For Closers)" and their version of Thriller. It was really fun to go with our Friends Mauni and Scott. We jumped, we danced and we sang along to the music. It was so much fun.

They played at the Saltair. We got to go on the balcony with the other of age people. its always nice to not have to be down with the smelly, sweaty, moshing, crowdsurfing, dancefighting teens. When we got up to the balcony it was aldready lined with people. We did spot a girl who was drinking it up and fading fast. She held strong until right before FOB came on. Needles to say we were voultures on her prime spot and swooped in as she wobbled away. I'm so glad we don't drink. How can you enjoy a concert when your all drunk and out of it? The spot was prime. We could see the whole stage and Pete was especially close to us. It was fantastic. I can't wait to see them again.

Best Business Card EVER and I mean EVER

Click on THIS to watch the video!
If you don't you will miss out on a good strong laugh attack.

All I can say is I feel foolish. To think I knew what I was doing whenever I have designed a business card!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Part 2 of the Family Visit

Us Girls on Easter Sunday (notice the tulips pretty tulips. . . they are no longer there thanks to the dirty deers)

We were able to do a lot while my family was here. On Monday they came to my work and took me out to lunch. I got to show them what I do and they got to meet my work friends that I talk about. We hungout that night and watched 24 because we are all addicted and can't go a Monday without watching it! On tuesday they went to Provo to visit people. That night we hungout with the Romney Family. Elder Romney was one of the missionaries who baptized us.

Josh and I took Wednesday and thursday off. We all had breakfast with my dads cousin in the morning. We then all went to the Church History Muesum. That place is pretty awesome. It was really interesting to see all of the Church artifacts. There is so much history to learn about. While I was at BYU-I I took a church history class and loved it. I highly recommend going to the museum. I bet even if you are a know it all you will learn something new.

After the Muesum we went and saw Monsters vs. Aliens 3-D. It was really funny. There are so many great people in the movie. Stephen Colbert was the President . . . need i say more?

Thursday we went shopping!!! I love love love shopping with my mom. We have so much fun. It was Bonus Time for clinique and we never miss a Bonus Time. My makeup bag collection proves it. That night we ate at The Old Spaghetti Factory and met up with some more of my dads side of the family that lives in UT.

Friday was not a fun day. I was sick. I puked and felt like crap the whole day. Michelle and my mom took care of me. My dad had to leave that day because he had a gig back home.

Saturday was a good day, I was much better. We went to Tai Pan and the mall again. My mom made me curtains too.

Seamstress Kittens. They are so pleased with themselves.

We colored Easter eggs also on Saturday.

My mom and sister left on Monday. It is never fun saying goodbye after a fun week. Monday morning was crazy too since our water was turned on and we didn't know it was being turned on. Plus we were told our water was turned off. All of the sprinklers were going and we couldn't turn the water off. Then we noticed a small lake in our neighbors yard due to an exploded pipe. And the pipe was ours!!! Ahh!!! It was madness. Luckily our neighbor was really nice about it and helped us turn off our water. It was a definite distraction to my mom and sister leaving.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Time with the Fam

It all started Friday before conference when we were visited by the Wallaces. It was good to see them. The highlight of thier visit was the "concert" that the kids put on. Its was so cute and creative. That night Josh and I also got to hangout with Cassie. The 3 of us did a lot of hanging out back in the old college days so it was a fun night filled with reminiscing and hilarity.

Then the next day, Saturday my family arrived!!! This has been a much antivipated visit. The really cool part was that they brought a whole truck load of furniture. My poor dad drove the truck up by himself while my mom and sister followed behind in the Honda. It even snowed! They must really love us. In the photo my dad and Josh are in the truck getting ready to move the furniture out. I'll have to do another post with photos about all of the great furniture. One of the highlights is I have my dresser back in my life. We have been married for almost (short of 10 days) 3 years and haven't ever had the privilege of a dresser. We took my family to Pei Wei for dinner. It was their first dining experience there and they loved it. Especially my dad. Then we went to Bellisimo Gelato for Dessert. Yum, Yum! Also Matt came to stay that night before heading back to CA. We had a fun night of Disney Bingo, Rockband and adjustments CPK style.

Here is a photo of the conference building. Darren is the Man! He not only got my family tickets but also Josh and I. Plus they were for the Sunday afternoon session. We owe Darren. It was really cool to go to the 179th Annual General Conference with my family. It was such a spiritual experience to hear and see the many leaders of our Church speak. Being among 20,000 LDS members is awesome. Seeing The Prophet Thomas S. Monson and the 12 apostles in person is really neat. I loved at the end how President Monson waved to everyone. I thought it was really cool.

Here is a photo of my mom, Michelle and I. I look weird so pretend I look normal.

Here is a photo of all of us after conference. It was a really nice day outside. I wish I hadn't worn my black coat. I think my glasses make me look responsible.

My parents with the SLC Temple in the background.

Michelle in true photo ready form (not looking at the camera).

I'll be doing more posts about the rest of their visit hopefully tomorrow.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Coconut crab: not as delicious as you think

So today I woke up feeling a little under the weather. But I figured I'd feel better later on. As the day has progressed, I haven't felt much better so I figured I'd text Natalie for some words of comfort. I sent her a text that said "I think I'm getting sick." She responded that I should eat soup and stay warm. I had just finished my cup of noodles while huddled up to my space heater at my desk, good advice. Then she told me to google "coconut crab" and that would make me feel better. And this is the image I was confronted with on the other side of that google search.

My first response was "AAAAHHHHH!!!!!! I don't like it! I don't like it!" While frantically trying to close the window (I hit maximize on accident, which just added to my horror). Natalie is the love of my life, but what the heck sweet heart?
"I feel sick."
"Oh check out this walking hell-beast that will give you nightmares for the rest of your life—you'll feel much better."
Ok so it wasn't that frightening. And I think it's hilarious that Natalie sent me to a picture of a gigantic crab to make me feel better. She is pretty darn funny—and cute.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Working on getting that pulitzer

I wrote this a few weeks ago while I was bored, thought I'd share it with you fine folks on the Internets.

Early summer nights in Idaho are placid and agreeable. Afternoon temperatures can be oppressive. And black top has a nasty habit of cooking you from below. Night provides a welcome respite from the solar bakery that is summer in Idaho. We preferred the blanket of night and the illumination of florescent lights.

Dustin, Albert, and I headed out in the early evening. Businesses were closed, their lots emptied, over-head lights humming. Albert had found a display bench made of hard plastic stashed behind the local Rite Aide. It had been used to display daisies and tulips in the spring, now it collected rouge newspapers and leaves—discarded and forgotten. Five feet long, two feet wide, and two feet tall with legs that would extend to four feet tall. The black plastic was industrial strength and light. All three of us could stand on it with no worry of collapse. It was perfect.

Albert pulled the bench out from behind the building and set it up next to a curb in the back lot next to Yellowstone Highway—the main drag through Pocatello. Dustin and I, across the lot from Albert, pulled our boards from the back of my Jeep and pondered the possibilities of the bench. Albert took a three step running approaching scrapping the tail of his board as he gained speed. A quick hop and he was on his board approaching the bench. We heard the thwack of his Ollie and the clap as his tail made contact with the bench. He slid a perfect backside tail slide the length of the bench, landed, and pushed up to us.

The three of us were no strangers to a good session. They seemed to follow us around where ever we went. Location was never an issue. Our sessions were more about close friendship then throwing down heavy maneuvers. But heavy maneuvers generally followed our skating friendship. Dustin pushed out next. He approached with a good amount of speed and snapped into a 5-0 about halfway down the bench. Albert and I offered a congratulatory clapping of boards on the ground. There was no need for a warm up trick that night. I pushed out under the lights. Focused on the edge of the bench and visualizing how my feet should land and where to hold my weight. The growl of my wheels was interrupted by the quick tack of my Ollie, then the pop of my truck locking into position and the silent hiss of the first nose grind of the evening. Sliding into the silent hiss of that grind was effortless. Cheers and high fives. Albert was up again.

We lapped that bench on until the early hours of the morning. There were some spectacular crashes and some first ever landed tricks. Albert completed a flawless backside tail slide big spin out, a trick that would later become his calling card. Dustin finally unlocked a backside 180 5-0 to 180 out—a trick that had nearly knocked him unconscious twice before. I felt the confidence of a man possessed and accomplished two new tricks—the first a frontside kickflip 50-50; the second a backside bluntslide.

We skated until our feet were swollen. The passing cars never noticed us. Even the police cruisers on their nightly patrol were blind to our session held right in the open. We returned the bench to its cocoon behind the Rite Aide. Made an effort to conceal it from the view of curious pedestrians and called it a night. Albert skated toward the university while Dustin and I loaded up my Jeep and turned toward home. In the coming months we returned to the Rite Aide bench, sometimes taking it with us to other locations. It remained our secret training apparatus. Others discovered the bench and it was eventually lost to someone’s selfish desire to keep it for them self. That was ok with us; we found other things to fill our sessions with.

Albert would later slide a backside tail slide big spin out down a hefty ledge and be featured in a local skate video. Dustin went on to perfect the backside 180 5-0 to 180 out and would later teach me the trick. I have since given up on relearning bluntslides; my hips can’t handle the jarring of a miss. Albert moved to California to chase his professional skateboarding dream and we have lost contact. Dustin doesn’t skate much anymore, we enjoy sessions of friendship without the skateboard now. As for me, I have slowed down some but the growl of urethane and the thrill of creativity still pulls at my heart. Summer nights in Idaho will always ground my soul, and skateboarding is a conduit to times passed. The tricks I still remember, the sweat and blood are not far from my mind, and the dimensions of a plastic display bench are still easy to recall as well. But what my soul remembers most is the enjoyment of spending hours and hours with two friends in an empty parking lot sharing something we loved.