Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Fall Fall!

Where is the time going? Why are all of the leaves already changing? Why did it snow in the foothills last night? How is Rockband 3 coming out tommorrow? These are all important questions. The blog is in need of an update.

Here are the important events I haven't wrote about.

Kate & Dustin got married at the end of August! It was such a fun wedding. Josh did their ring ceremony and he did a great job.

In September we went to the Dew Tour. It was really cool to see all of the pro skateboarders and their skills. Oh and RYAN Scheckler too!

Also in Sept I had dinner with my old friends from the Chula Vista Stake. It was so fun to catch up with my friends after so many years. It had been since our Senior year of seminary that we have all hung-out.
The Big news in October was that In-N-Out opened up in Centerville!!! Which is only about 6 mins from our house and .5 miles from my work. All of my co-worker friends and I went to lunch on opening day and it was wonderful. We didn't even have a line to wait in because we went at 11 am. An hour later (and the rest of the week) they had the cops directing traffic.

We went to Pocatello to Celebrate my father-in-laws 70th birthday. We went on a hike on the mountain behind their house, had a BBQ, cake and lemon meringue pie. The best part was the birthday/fav memory video all of the kids, spouses and grandkids made for Errol. I have a pretty awesome father-in-law.

Last weekend we went to a Dinner Mystery party for Cassie's 25th b-day! It was so fun. I loved that it was Halloween themed.

Josh and I are pretty excited for the Halloween Party in 1 week. We have our costumes ready. I don't know why I like Halloween so much. I think it has to do with costumes, decorations and parties. It's a holiday I can get behind because it's so silly and fun. More on that next week. Stay tuned!