Sunday, May 23, 2010

Childhood Movies: Natalie's Edition

For some reason Kids love the watch the same movies over and over and over again. I'm pretty sure I was one of those kids. I was thinking about all of the movies that were staples in my childhood. Some were pretty fantastic and some were straight up weird.

Kevin! I still crack up when I watch this movie. It is an all time classic for me. The taranchula scene has never been funnier. The scream of sheer horror gets me everytime.

Great movie. I learned to follow my dreams and never give up. Also ruby red slippers are awesome. I remember wanting to be Glenda. She had the most beautiful dress. I ended up being her for halloween when I was 5 so it all worked out.

I'm pretty sure this movie still haunts me. It was so creepy, but I always watched it! Does anyone remember the headless lady with the heads in glass cases? She had a ribbon tied around her wrist with the key to the cases. This movie was SO weird!!!

I loved Polyanna. I don't really remember why, but I did.

"Just a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down." I wanted the ability to snap my fingers and have my room cleaned. I also wished my sidewalk drawings would transport me to someplace awesome. Mary Poppins was so cool!

I love ET. Cutest Extra-Terrestrial ever. My parents saw this movie on their first date back in 1982. This movie is important to my family. I never liked the part when they came to get E.T. when they were wearing the white space/medical suits. I was always jealous of the kids cool closet.

I loved all the Indiana Jones movies. Harrison Ford at his best. My favorite was the Temple of Doom. All of those creepy bugs and the heart being ripped out, thrilling everytime! I think this movie is also why I am so creeped out by snakes.

My dad is a huge star wars fan. I watched these movies a lot. I thought my mom looked like Princess Leia and I would refer to her as 'mommy' when I was watching the movie. It's a good thing I like Star Wars so much because this is what Josh and I watched on our first date. I was prepared at a young age for Josh. :)

Ewoks!!! They are so cute. I loved this movie. I wanted to be the little girl with her moon boots and blonde curly hair.

Early on I loved Tim Burton movies. This movie was so funny. Beetlejuice was such a perfect creep. My favorite party was the dinner party scene. "Shake, shake, shake, Senora!"

Then there are all of the Disney Movies. Michelle and I LOVED them so much and still do. Disney movies teach great lessons. There is always tragedy, but you can always over come it (and turn into a princess at the end). They are so fun and the characters are so great.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

CB2 Has it Going on

Cute graphic plates with fun typography. I might need to get these for summer outdoor eating.

Love, love, love this room! I am finally going to transform our TV room into something like this over the weekend. I just need to paint the walls a light grey and reupholster our wingback chair with a bold grey and yellow print.

I have been looking for some glasses with some sort of pattern on them. I have a thing for labels and these are perfect!

More TV room color inspiration.

I'm so happy summer is almost here. It's my most favorite season. I love being outside in the nice sun. Summer is a happy/sad time for me here. There is a HUGE part of me that misses the beach during the hot months. It's funny, I don't really miss SD during the winter because I know that I wouldn't be at the beach anyway. But as soon as the weather is nice here all I want to do is go to the beach! It makes me stir crazy just knowing there is a perfectly good beach day in SD and I'm 800 miles from it.

Enough about summer in SD. I'm hoping to distract myself (from missing the beach) this summer with lots of projects. I'm pretty excited for my upcoming painting projects.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Was it Cold? Yeah, it was Cold.

Let me just start by saying my dad is far more hardcore than I am. He could probably beat up Rambo. That being said let me fill you in on what Errol Ormond likes to do for fun, he likes to run white water in freezing snow storms. Every year my dad gets together with some of his friends from Pocatello and heads to the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. In April. When it's still snowing.

So last year I wasn't able to go because of craziness at work. This year though, I was all over it. Here's the run down.

We got to Challis airport on Wednesday afternoon, and loaded up the lawnmower with wings, the guy behind the wheel called it an airplane but my weed whacker has more horse power than this thing. We took off in the middle of 40 to 50 mph winds. It was the most intense plane ride I've ever had. My head hit the roof more than once, even the statuesque Errol K. showed a few beads of sweat.

We woke up the first morning to about one inch of snow blanketing everything. That was fun. It snowed and rained everyday as a matter of fact. The snow melted (kinda) and then we jumped on the rafts and headed down the river. As you can imagine the water was cold, really freaking cold. The kind of cold that gives you an instant brain freeze when it hits your face.

All kidding aside it was really fun. There was lots of good food, nice warm fires, and fun water. We saw tons of elk and deer and some mountain sheep. That kept us amused between rapids. Only three out of 15 people fell into the river and that's not too bad. All and all it was a really fun trip. I got to spend three days with my dad out in the wilderness and all my toes and fingers are frost bite free. Win, win.

(This was the first major rapid of the trip. There are actually two people on the front of that raft. Yeah.)

(Along the river there were Indian cave paintings. That was pretty cool. I hadn't even heard of the Sheepeater Indians before, and that's not a joke, they're really called the Sheepeaters. Wonder what they ate?)

(This was the camp for second night. Pretty cozy actually.)

(Just a picture of the river.)

(Another rapid, the picture doesn't do it justice. That wave was at least seven feet high. It swallowed boats and spit them out the other end.)

(That's my dad getting stuff ready for the day. We stuffed our junk into dry bags, which actually lived up to their name this time. Last time, well last time they were more like soggy bags.)

(This is what we woke up to the first day. And this is after a couple hours of melting. A winter wonderland, or night terror.)

(This is my dad in the back of the lawnmower. Beneath that smile is a very excited man.)

(We landed at a back country airstrip camp site; those white things are snow flakes.)

(That's the launch area. All the boats are behind the trees.)

(Can you see the landing strip? We couldn't either until we were almost on top of it.)

(It looks placid, but believe you me this was flying the unfriendly skies.)

(Flying over some majestic snow capped peaks, in 50 mph head winds.)

(Cool mountains and trees and junk.)

(Right after taking off from Challis. And absolute terror starts in 1, 2, 3...)

(The Challis airport. Those are the lawnmowers with wings, and the mountains right behind them are where we flew.)