Friday, June 21, 2013

LA Trip: Day 3 Disneyland

Oh, Disneyland! I LOVE you so much. Ollie does too!

We couldn't not go to Disneyland. I have an obsession with this place. I think about going on a daily basis. So much history, creativity and fun memories at DL. Not to mention everything is professional, immaculate and clean.

The weather was perfect! Not hot and not cold.

We rode the carousel first. Ollie was a big fan. Did you know this carousel is one of the oldest in the world? All of the horses are made out of wood. It's from the 1800's. See cool history!

Then Mister Toads. 

Then Josh had to take a conference call while Ollie and I rode dumbo. I kinda love this photo because the women sitting next to him encompasses everything Josh dislikes about being at DL in the hot summer months.

Nichole and Jude came and meet us. It really meant a lot to us having them come. They have passes and Jude is an expert. He really wanted us to experience the Tiki Room. But we agreed on finishing up Fantasy Land first.
We then did Snow White and Pinocchio. Both were creepy for the boys. Tea Cups were next. Then we did Alice in Wonderland. Ollie got a kick out of the Cheshire Cat.

There is just something about Rabbit's Door that is so cool for kids. I remember trying to open the door when I was little.

The Tiki Room! I usually skip this one, but when you have a toddler who loves birds you experience the Tiki Room. It was the late 1950's early 60's at it's finest. Ollie was in awe.

The we did the Jungle Book. Ollie loved the Elephants.

"Oh, wow!"

Next we stopped and got lunch. We tried a new place that Nichole recommended called Bengal BBQ. It was reasonably priced and was really good. We got a chicken and a veggie Kabob and a tiger tail to share.

Then we did Pirates! One of my favorite rides. I always get scared for the drops after all these years and times riding it. Nichole thought it was funny. I was nervous for Ollie because of the drops, but they didn't phase him. He was into all of the action and singing.  

The Haunted Mansion! I hadn't seen it back to its original glory for years. I always have gone when they have it decorated for Halloween and Christmas. It was a treat. You can see Ollie getting sleepy in this photo. He slept for the entire ride.

Jude calls Josh, "Uncle Josh." Originally Nichole thought Josh had to work and told Jude he wasn't coming and he was bummed. So he was SUPER excited that Josh was at DL. Jude wanted to go on every ride with Josh. It was really cute.

This trip marked 10 years since Nichole and I had been at DL together. The last time was Grad Night c/o 2003. That night was SO much fun! A bunch of high school seniors running around the park from 11pm to 6am. You can imagine the chaos. That night was also one of her first dates with her Husband.

They changed the seats for the Matterhorn. I forget every time how jostled you get. It's so fun to scream on this ride!

Ollie was still asleep after we got off so I walked around with him while the rest of the group did Star Wars. It was only appropriate that Jude and Josh rode that ride together because it's one of their favorite movies.

Mr. Handsome.

We all took a break and ate Mickey Pretzels. Ollie ran around.

We then split off to go on It's a Small World. Such a classic ride. Ollie really enjoyed watching all of the dolls and listening to the singing.

Then it was time to see Mickey. Josh and I wanted to cry because Ollie was so happy. It was magical. We were at the end of the line of the group that was let in. As soon as Ollie's little eyes saw Mickey he was pointing and smiling. Mickey waved to Ollie and Ollie ran up to him.

He just looks so HAPPY in the photo. Dreams were made real. He loved meeting Mickey the last time we went, but this time was even better.

He showed Mickey his little Mickey and told Mickey all sorts of important things.

Here is a video of Ollie saying Bye to Mickey. Melts my heart.

Then we took some photos by the fountain in Toon Town.

We let Ollie run around in the ship and then this playground.

Next we meet back up with Nichole and Jude. Jude was trying to pull the sword out.

In line for Peter Pan. I still love flying over London and watching all of the twinkling lights.

Out last ride was the carousel. So fun!


Group shot!

Jude loves Ollie. Ollie isn't so sure. This cracked Nichole and I up!

Ollie had been wanting a Baloon all day. Josh spoiled him and bought him one. This boy was thrilled!

We watched the Parade and headed out down Main Street.

It was such a fun day at DL. Josh had a very enjoyable time which made me happy. Ollie had a blast. And I had so much fun with my family and friends. DL is just so fun! I wish we could have spent another day, then another and another and maybe just one more. :)

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