Friday, June 21, 2013

LA Trip: Day 4

 After Disneyland we drove down to Matt and Carrie's to spend the night and next day with them. They were so nice to let us stay and take time out of their busy schedules to hangout with us.

 Ollie was in HEAVEN with his cousins. he fit right in. Carrie said Ollie is the missing baby they never had in between Alex and Kian. Alex was very sweet with Ollie and showed him all the toys and thier pet birds.
 Look at how cute Kian is.

 I love this photo. The scenery and my handsome husband.
 They took us out to lunch at Ruby's Diner at the end of the Huntington Pier. It was a beautiful clear day.
 Ollie stole most of Kians food.

 You can faintly make out Catalina Island just off the tip of the water.

 The whole gang minus Fisher and Tyler who were at school.

 The beautiful water.
 The surfers. It was a treat to watch them.

 I so miss getting lost in thought while staring at the ocean.


The boy cousins sans baby Kian.

We almost didn't catch our flight because Josh accidentally thew away our rental car keys. A lot of prayers were said and they keys were discovered. Luckily it was in Matt's trash can and Josh thought to look there.

Ollie and I flew out of LAX to SLC. It was a bad flight. Ollie was done. I was sitting in a middle seat squished between to men with Ollie on my lap and the diaper bag taking up all of my leg room. The Delta flight attendants were not helpful and were rude. I cried after that. I always try to avoid Delta because they are terrible. Some how we made it through the flight then through the airport, to baggage claim (I had to check my bag at the gate) with a stroller, 1 suitcase and a car seat onto the shuttle and then into my car... oh and an Ollie Boy. Thank goodness Utah is full of helpful people willing to help me out. I had different people all watching and loading all of the things I had. One lady even gave me a water bottle to fill up Ollie's sippy cup because it was empty. another couple even offered to walk me to my car and help me load everything. So much kindness from strangers. I was so grateful.

Josh flew out that night, to Boston and Detroit for a week for more work. It was nice we were able to spend a few days together as a family.

This was a fun and quick trip. I want to have more of these.

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